Which countries will accept British travellers in 2021?

15 Mar 2021

The government is going to review global travel restrictions on 12 April. Although restrictions won't be lifted until at least 17 May, more and more countries are indicating that they'll welcome British holidaymakers as soon as international travel starts up again — meaning a lawful summer holiday could be on the cards. 

Here's a list of all the countries you could visit for your summer, 2021, holidays. We'll keep this list updated as the situation changes. The EU has just announced their Digital Green Certificate — a testing and vaccination passport designed to make it easier to travel in Europe — so we hope to see more countries announcing their plans over the coming weeks. 

As always, we recommend consulting the latest FCO travel advice before making a booking, purchasing full-coverage travel insurance before departure, and checking what you need to return to the UK.



Vaccination required? Yes, for all travellers. You'll need to have had your second dose of the vaccine at least seven days before departure

Cyprus is our top pick for a 2021 holiday: the country will only accept vaccinated travellers, making it one of the safest travel destinations. In the summer months, you'll get guaranteed sunshine, waters warm enough for swimming, and a glut of gorgeous frescoed churches, plus tasty treats like halloumi, kebabs, and baklava. Prices could be higher than normal due to rising demand, but we're keeping a close eye on the market for good deals on cheap Cyprus holidays


Vaccination required? No, but if you aren't vaccinated, you'll need proof of a recent negative Covid test

Greece is aiming to reopen its borders to Brits as coronavirus restrictions ease in mid-May. Laws on the mainland are also expected to cover the islands, so you'll also be able to visit old favourites like Mykonos, Santirini, and Crete. Greece has an excellent tourist infastructure with accommodation to suit all tastes — you could rent a villa with friends, stay in a traditional family-owned taverna, or get completely pampered at an exclusive all-inclusive beach resort. For the latest deals, check our cheap Greece holidays in 2021.


Vaccination required? Yes, for all travellers

Iceland has indicated that it will welcome British travellers back as soon as is lawful, as long as tourists have received both doses of the vaccination. Summer is an unusual time to visit Iceland, but crowds should be few, and it is a better time for hiking and wildlife-spotting. The country also gets around 21 hours of daylight in the summer months — quite a novelty after a winter in lockdown. If you visit from mid-September onwards, you'll have a better chance of seeing the Northern Lights. Check our best deals for cheap Iceland holidays in 2021. 


Vaccination required? Yes, for all travellers. You'll need to have had your second dose of the vaccine at least 10 days prior to departure

Malta plans to reopen to British tourists from 1 June onward, meaning that it could be a good option for a summer break, depending on whether our government lifts restrictions. Malta will be one of the safest holiday spots since you'll have peace of mind that other tourists are also vaccinated, and travellers will be able to explore ancient ruins, golden island capitals, and rooftop bars with gorgeous views. If you fancy something more secluded, you could head to Gozo, Malta's quieter and more rural sister island. Check out our cheap Malta package holidays here. 


Vaccination required? Probably, but we don't have official confirmation yet

Spain will allow British tourists back this summer, but there's a chance you'll have to wear a mask outdoors — especially if you're at a crowded beach. If you don't mind some odd tan lines, you can visit popular spots like the Costa del Sol, Benidorm, Mallorca, and Ibiza, but if you aren't keen on wearing masks outdoors, other countries might be more enjoyable. You can see cheap Spain deals for 2021 and beyond on our website.


Vaccination required? No, but if you aren't vaccinated, you'll need a negative Covid test

Portugal has also announced that it hopes to reopen to British tourists from mid-May. This means you might dare to dream of a romantic weekend break in Lisbon or Porto, a hiking trip in the country's rugged mountains, or a week by a golden-sand beach with oodles of cheese and wine. We're seeing good availability on many cheap Portugal deals, and some can even be booked as fully refundable vouchers, so you can confirm your exact travel dates closer to the time.


Vaccination required? No — and likely no need for a negative test result, either

Tourism minister Mehmet Ersoy said the country is “looking forward to welcoming British tourists with open arms”. Turkey's economy is reliant on the tourism industry, so it is planning to open borders to all Brits, with no need for either a vaccine or proof of a negative Covid test. Hotel nights will be snapped up fast with such an inclusive policy, so if you're hungry for a trip filled with hammams, hot air balloons, and high temperatures, see our current selection of cheap Turkey holidays.


Vaccination required? No, but you'll need proof of recovery, a negative PCR test, or proof of vaccination

Croatia announced as of Thursday, 1 April, they'd allow UK visitors with a booking confirmation and one of the above requirements. Once the UK restrictions on travel are lifted, Croatia will be welcoming Brits back to its dazzling waters, marvellous national parks, and historic cities for (hopefully) the summer season and beyond. You'll find all our deals for holidays in Croatia here.

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