Asia has drawn travellers for centuries: some visitors come to see where ancient civilisations began in China, Nepal, Thailand and Myanmar, while other guests come to get into a glimpse of our future in South Korea, Singapore, India, Japan, Hong Kong and mainland China.

Many travellers might be surprised how affordable it can be to get to Asia, especially through escorted tours, which take much of the planning out of the trip. These will include hotel stays, transfers and sometimes an expert guide. The peak times to visit can vary by country, but winter or the rainy season is often when the best travel deals can be found.

Regional highlights include dive trips in Thailand, admiring the stunning Angkor Wat in Cambodia, hitting the beach in Bali, sampling India's curries and China's dumplings. Traditional tours in China often include visits to the Great Wall of China or trips down the Mekong River, and visits to India normally include the Golden Triangle: Delhi, Agra (home of the Taj Mahal) and Jaipur.

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