Where to go on Holiday in April

12 Feb 2017

As April arrives, the northern hemisphere takes off its winter coat. Snows thaw, blossoms appear and pavements are punctuated by the bright green of new leaves on the trees. In the more tropical regions, temperatures even out and beaches are in their prime. Here's our list of the best places to go on holiday in April -- and don't forget to check out our last-minute travel deals section for more inspiring springtime and Easter breaks.

Best for a City Break


Ah, Bruges in the springtime. Your chances of being rained out or snowed in are pretty slim, although you’ll still need a coat and scarf. But that’s a small price to pay for the great deals, short queues and peace and quiet you’ll find at this time of year -- peak season only really begins after April.

Bruges is a great place to bid farewell to winter. You can stroll along the picturesque canals and past charming architecture and cobbled alleys as the weeping willows get greener by the day. It’s nice and compact, too, making it a great city to explore on foot.

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A spring break wouldn’t be complete without some blooms, and Amsterdam has those in abundance. If you want to feel like spring has well and truly sprung, this is the place to go. The city is awash with colour, and the air swirls with tiny blossoms.

There’s the Springsnow Festival, where locals take to the parks to walk, cycle and play in the blanket of blossoms. There’s also the Cherry Blossom Festival, which celebrates of the return of spring and the appearance of delicate pink blooms. Families picnic beneath the blossoming trees, enjoying traditional Japanese food and drink. Then there’s the famous Tulip Festival. In the lead-up to spring, museums, public buildings and even private homes sow tulip seeds and by the time they flower, they number over 500,000.

The weather is worth a special mention, too. Temperatures almost double after March, although there’s still a nip in the air. There’s a chance of the occasional rain shower, but with the city bedecked in brightly coloured blooms it only adds to the soft beauty of the place.

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Best for a Long-Haul Holiday


Cuba’s reputation precedes it, for good reason. The country grabs you by the hand and teaches you to salsa like you mean it, without spilling your rum. Throughout the year, you’ll find it alive with cultural events and festivals, but April is special.

Not only can you witness the island's famous Easter celebrations (at least, during the years when it falls in April), but it may be Cuba’s best month for weather, too. The wet season is just around the corner so it can be a little humid, but it’s not too hot and you’re almost guaranteed sunny days. It’s also after the end of peak season, and prices have settled back into a reasonable bracket. The beaches aren’t too crowded, and you can beat the heat by sipping rum beneath coconut trees, while looking at the calm, clear sea.

Salsa dancing, sunny days, sipping cocktails and tanning on a beach: what more do you need to celebrate the start of summer? 

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Timing is everything in Bali. Get it wrong and you’ll be drenched by torrential rain, cooked by the stifling heat or squeezed on to an overcrowded beach. Late April is the blissful sweet spot few people know about. It's the tail end of the wet season, so rainy days are fewer, and better still, the crowds don’t come rolling in by the boatload until around June. That’s right: a relatively quiet tropical island with sunshine aplenty and room for to put your towel down on the beach. You’re welcome.

Of course, there’s more to Bali than its spectacular beaches. If you take a trip in April, you’ll also miss the crowds at the beautiful temples. There’s delicious Balinese cuisine to sample, and the mountains and world-famous terraced rice-paddies are an iridescent green after the wet season.

Dominican Republic 

The Dominican Republic is a smorgasbord of things to see and do, from scrubby desert villages to pristine palm-lined beaches, casual seafood shacks to world-class golf courses, and thick jungles to booming fiestas. It’s definitely a destination with broad appeal.

Visit in April to skip the crowds while soaking up some seriously good weather. At this time of year, temperatures have only risen a little after peak season, settling around a comfortable 25-30 degrees Celsius. April is one of our favourite months for grabbing DR deals. 

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Best for a Short-Haul Holiday


Malta and Gozo just breathe history. There are WWII shipwrecks to dive, ancient temples to explore and a fascinating history to learn about. In fact, Malta has one of the highest concentrations of historical monuments in the world. The geological features are so old and immense that they make human existence on the planet seem like a mere blip.


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April is one of the best months for festivals and events: from opera and orchestras to all-night music parties with world-renowned DJs, and food festivals to colourful Easter ceremonies.

The air still has a slight chill in April, but the sun shines reliably and the wet season has left everything a deep green.

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Other Destinations to Consider 

Mauritius: April is the tail-end of the rainy season, so while it’s still humid, there are more sunny days. It’s also the start of winter, which means fewer crowds, but the weather is still as tropical as ever.

Morocco: April offers over eight hours of sunshine a day and mild weather. A great time to visit. 

Lisbon: By April, temperatures are on a steady climb, the winds are low and rain mostly comes in the form of short-lived showers.

Paris: The weather in April steadily improves each day, with warmer days and less rain. Everything is in bloom, locals are enjoying the outdoors, and the morning mist makes everything look like a romantic drama.

Cyprus: Springtime is magical in Cyprus. The scent of lemon and jasmine blossoms fills the air, and the days are long and balmy.

Vietnam: The rainy season hasn’t quite hit yet, and it’s the very end of peak season so there are far fewer crowds. 

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