When is the Best Time to Visit Bali

28 Sep 2021

The best time to visit Bali is from June to September. It's the driest, sunniest period, and there's a breeze to take the edge off the tropical temperatures, so it’s a great time to hit the beach. Humidity is also relatively low, so conditions are ideal for jungle treks, mountain biking, volcano climbing, and sightseeing around the island’s temples, rice terraces, and markets.

But the Indonesian island is a welcoming holiday destination all year round, and even rainy season has high temperatures and several hours of sunshine each day, as well as fewer tourists and lower prices.


Weather in Bali across the year

Situated eight degrees south of the Equator, Bali has a tropical climate with two distinct seasons: wet and dry. The island has high temperatures throughout the year, although those on the narrow, relatively flat coastal strip can differ significantly from those in the mountainous, jungle-covered interior.

Bali’s wet season, lasting from approximately November to March, is influenced by the west monsoon. This brings significant rainfall, although this tends to fall over a few short hours each day, so there are still several hours of daily sunshine, and you can carry out most activities, except perhaps trekking in the highlands. Humidity is relatively high, but it’s also Bali’s hottest time of year.

Dry season is from April to October. Humidity drops by a few percent, and there are only occasional, brief downpours or thunderstorms, which are more likely at night and in the early morning. From June to September, temperatures drop by a couple of degrees. April, May, June, and September are great times to visit Bali as it’s a bit quieter, so visitor attractions are less crowded. These are also good months for watersports, as the sea is clearer than in the rainy season. Water temperatures around the island stay in the 27-29°C range throughout the year.


Weather in Bali in January

January is rainy season in Bali, although temperatures are among the highest of the year. In the resort areas around Denpasar, Kuta, and Jimbaran, temperatures hit around 32°C during the day, and drop to no lower than about 23°C at night. There’s around 350 millimetres of rain, falling across 19 days during the month, although you’ll still get about six hours of daily sun. Rainy season humidity tends to be around 85%. Ubud, in the hills, gets daily temperatures between 21 and 29°C, and similar rainfall levels to the coast, although it’s a bit more cloud and humidity is around 89%.



Weather in Bali in February

In February you can expect similar temperatures and humidity to January, although rainfall will occur on a day or two fewer, and you should still get six hours of sunshine per day to break up the showers. It can be harder to see the mountain peaks in rainy season, as they’re often covered in a veil of cloud, so it’s not a good time to go on treks up Bali’s famous volcanoes like Batur and Agung.


Weather in Bali in March

March, in late rainy season, sees destinations like Kuta and Ubud experiencing similar temperatures to January and February. Although rainfall levels are falling, you’ll probably get rain on a similar number of days during the month, but as these showers are shorter, while you’ll also probably get an extra hour of sunshine on top of February levels.



Weather in Bali in April

April is one of the best times to visit Bali. Rainfall levels tend to be about half those of March, and there are fewer days with rain, and up to eight hours of sunshine per day. Humidity is starting to fall, but it’s a barely noticeable change. It’s a good time to visit Bali’s waterfalls, as the weather’s good for trekking, but there’s still plenty of water draining from the wet season. The Easter holidays bring more tourists, but if you’re looking for a quieter time, visitor numbers reduce outside the school holidays.


Weather in Bali in May

May is another good month to visit Bali. It is nowhere near as busy as high season, and although the weather is unpredictable, temperatures are still high. The area around Denpasar and Kuta experiences around eight days with rain during the month, and nine hours of daily sun. With the rain season over, humidity drops to about 80%, where it remains throughout the dry season. In Ubud, it’s a little cooler at night during dry season, while in highland areas like Candikuning and Kintamani, conditions are improving for outdoor activities. These areas are always several degrees cooler than the coast, so bear that in mind when trekking and take some extra layers.



Weather in Bali in June

Between June and August is the best period for being on the beach in Bali. Temperatures in Kuta fall by a degree or so in June, although they still range from 22-30°C each day. It can rain on about seven days of the month, although you can expect 10 hours of sunshine per day. In Ubud, night-time temperatures can dip below 20°C, and there’s a little more rain and cloud than on the coast.


Weather in Bali in July

School summer holidays mean more overseas travellers heading to Bali, so July and August are among the busiest times of year, which is reflected in the prices and availability of accommodation, and the number of people at visitor attractions. Kuta sees pleasant temperatures ranging from 22-29°C each day, and there are 10 hours of daily sunshine in July and August, with only four days with rain per month. Ubud sees temperatures of 19-28°C each day, seven hours of daily sunshine, and 11 days with rain per month, while humidity is around 84%.



Weather in Bali in August

August is the driest month in Bali, and humidity is relatively low. In Kuta, temperatures are similar to July, there are only about three days with rain (45 millimetres monthly total), and the sun shines for around 10 hours per day. In Ubud, temperatures are slightly up on July, while there are 10 days with rain in the month and six or seven hours of sunshine per day.


Weather in Bali in September

Visitor numbers to Bali begin to fall after the August peak, so it’s a good time to head to the island. Temperatures in Kuta reach 30°C during the day, dropping to 22C at night. Rainfall levels are up slightly on August, and there should be around three days with rain during the month, plus nine hours of sun each day. In Ubud, expect temperatures of 20-29°C, 10 days with rain, and seven hours of sun per day.



Weather in Bali in October

Rainy season is approaching in Bali, but it’s still a good time to visit. Temperatures in Kuta range from 23-31°C each day, and there are around nine hours of sun each day. Rainfall levels are double those of September. Levels of precipitation also continue to increase in Ubud, with rain falling on around 13 days, although there are still more than seven hours of sunshine each day. Temperatures range from 23°C at night to 29°C during the day.


Weather in Bali in November

It’s rainy season in Bali. In Kuta, around 150 millimetres fall — spread over 10 days of the month, and humidity is up to about 85%. Temperatures range from 23-31°C each day, while there’s still seven hours of sunshine per day. In Ubud, night-time temperatures only drop to around 24°C, while around 250 millimetres of rain fall, spread over 17 days of the month, and humidity is up to 86%. You can still expect get seven hours of sun per day.



Weather in Bali in December

The year ends with some of the wettest conditions in Bali. In Kuta, nearly 300 millimetres of rain fall, with 16 days getting rain, while temperatures are similar to November. In Ubud, 375 millimetres of rain fall, with 20 days of the month receiving precipitation, and humidity hits its rainy-season peak of 89%. There are still six or seven hours of sun per day, and daily temperatures reach 29°C and dip to 24°C. Christmas and New Year tend to be busy times in terms of visitor numbers.

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