The Ultimate Italy Travel Guide

20 Jan 2022

La dolce vita awaits in Italy. This country is impossible to overrate: the food, the natural beauty, the architecture and history, the food, the wine, the wine, the wine, the food (did we mention the food and wine?); practically everything about Italy is a reaffirmation of life and joy.

We're presenting our ultimate guide to Italy so you can make the most of all this popular destination has to offer, from weekend breaks to how to travel Italy by water. You can also delve into when to visit what parts of Italy, and find out where the best beaches are. Read on to see all of our tips and blogs for the best ways to experience Italy. Click on the links to read our in-depth articles and lists of what do do where and get the most out of your holiday in Italy.


Rome needs no introduction; the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps, cacio e pepe, and the Pantheon are just the tip of what this city offers. Delicious food at every turn, lovely and fascinating neighbourhoods, ancient and recent history, and plenty of gelaterias. You can even visit the actual location where Caesar was killed.

Then there's Venice — a romantic's dream rising out of the lagoon where you can drift down canals and get a full appreciation for aperativi.

You can't miss riding a gondola through Venice's vast network of canals

Speaking of romantic, few places in the world can outflank Florence for its combination of beautiful setting and vast amount of man-made art masterpieces. There's even a syndrome — some people become overwhelmed by all the beauty!

And we can't forget the Italian lakes. Italy's lake district is endlessly popular with celebrities as well as us mere mortals. Find out where we recommend, from Como to Garda and beyond. 

If you're looking for something off the beaten track, we've also covered our favourite under-the-radar Italian destinations.



Italy's food is known for being fresh, seasonal, and delicious

No one's going anywhere in Italy without thinking about food — read up on the best cities for food in Italy, then satisfy your sweet tooth with our guide to Italy's best desserts, and have a digestif of the very best places across the country for food and drink. Delve into why Bologna's nickname is "the fat one", then dig into its namesake sauce.

Speaking of drinks, no guide to Italy would be complete without covering wine. You can find out which wines come from where, and why you want to drink them!

Rome, Sicily, Sardinia, and of course, Pompeii are havens for archaeolgy buffs. See ancient mosaics, catacombs, the marvellous Colosseum, and more.

If you're looking to blow off the cobwebs (and maybe work off a few of those pizzas), Italy's hiking routes are not to be missed. Dramatic coastilines, majestic mountain scenes, and rolling countryside await. And if you're more inclined to explore on two weels, we've also rounded up the best cycling routes in Italy.


Italy's currency is the euro, and prices in cities are usually higher than in the countryside.
Crime is not a major issue in Italy, but always stay alert and look out for pickpockets and petty theft. Keep your valuables accounted for and be vigilant in crowded tourist areas.
The Italian train network is extensive and reliable, some areas are more relaxing than others for driving, so trains are a great option for getting around the country.

So, now you know it all. Time to book a holiday to Italy?

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