Featured Destination: Bermuda


Diverse and rich culture

Bermuda’s culture is a mash-up of African, Native American, and European influences. Follow the African Diaspora Heritage Trail, visit the National Museum of Bermuda to see shipwrecked treasures and the Hall of History mural. Wander the UNESCO-listed streets of St George's, or join the colourful Gombey dance troupe festival.

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Think pink

Bermuda’s beautiful coastline boasts hidden coves, velvety sand and crystal clear waters. Nestled in South Shore Park is Horseshoe Bay, featuring the island’s signature pink-hued sand formed by crushed coral. Next door is the tranquil Warwick Long Bay, or to the East sits Tobacco Bay, the perfect spot for snorkelling.

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Beyond the beach

When it comes to natural wonders, Bermuda packs a punch. Discover the mystical Crystal Caves and the serene pool at Blue Hole Park, and spot Humpback whales and rare birds. Whether you’re snorkelling along the vibrant coastline or getting lost in the island’s nature reserves, there are endless ways to spot wildlife in Bermuda.

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Wet and wild

Bermuda is roughly 7% golf course, which is well above par, so grab your clubs and tee off with glorious ocean views. Dive into the blue and explore sunken shipwrecks dating back to the 17th century. Pump the adrenaline with kite boarding or parasailing. On firm land, hop into an electric microcar and discover some far-flung spots.

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Island flavours

Bermudian cuisine has a flavour entirely of its own: codfish breakfast, fresh tuna tacos, grilled wahoo, and spiny lobster are all treasured local delicacies. Make a booking at a fine dining restaurant or unwind at a cosy pub where you can enjoy live jazz or reggae shows with the island's trademarked cocktail Dark 'n Stormy®.

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