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In a nutshell

With the Caribbean Sea lapping at its east coast and a network of national parks to the west, Belize is a huge adventure packed into a minute area. Not only that, but it's the only English-speaking country in Central America and boasts the second largest coral reef system in the world -- home to the famous Great Blue Hole.

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Immerse yourself

The best way to experience Belize is to get involved in the array of activities on offer. There are excellent opportunities for scuba diving and kayaking along the turquoise coast, or head inland to hike and zip line through the jungle. Of course, you can simply spend your afternoon lazing in a hammock on a white-sand beach, too.

Bio-diverse ecosystems

Belize is an eco-tourism destination with large areas of land and sea designated as protected areas. Dive Shark Ray Alley and see rich and varied wildlife below the waves, search for keel-billed toucans (the national bird), monkeys and iguanas among the country's lush vegetation, and visit the world's first jaguar preserve.

A cultural melting pot

For a true sense of Belize's ethnic cultures, visit Garifuna and Creole villages, as well as the country's many ancient Mayan cities -- Altun Ha is popular thanks to its proximity to Belize City, and sprawling Caracol is the largest site to be excavated yet. This civilization still makes up around 10% of the population today.

Locally sourced delights

With no chain restaurants and many cultural influences on its cuisine, you'll find everything fresh: from Mexican tacos stuffed with refried beans and cheese in the north, to beachside barbecues featuring succulent lobster and red snapper along the coast, as well as the Mayan legacy of chocolate making in the south.