New York Flight Deals

London to New York flights take about seven hours, depending on winds and route. It's one of the most popular US destinations for Brits, so combined with a (relatively) short travel time, this makes flight deals relatively easy to come by. Norwegian have burst on to the scene with some very low direct fares, and you can always find deals when Delta Air Lines, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, American Airlines and Icelandair drop fares or launch a sale.

There are times when the city is unavoidably expensive, such as New Year's Eve, the United National General Assembly meeting, April-May (beautiful weather for lots of conferences), and September-October (more beautiful weather and conferences, plus cultural fundraisers). Show some flexibility and you can catch prices that tumble dramatically—a hotel charging $600 on New Year's Eve may fall as low as $100 in the first days of the new year.

January to early March is typically the most affordable time to visit the city, because let's be honest, it gets cold. July-August are also affordable, as most city folk head south to the Jersey Shore, east to the Hamptons or elsewhere on holiday for the summer.

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