Cheap Flight Deals

Our Deal Experts are on a never-ending quest for cheap flights. Short-haul or long-haul, flagship or low cost, flight purchasing can not be entered into lightly. Rather, you compare, and you search, and you try different date combinations until you hit the magic price or give up in exhaustion. So, what can we tell you from our countless hours of flight searches?

Monday-Thursday departures are your best bet for cheapest long-haul fares. Popular business routes, like Manchester-Paris, will be less expensive in the middle of the day. The cheapest flights will include a Saturday-night stay, particularly on long-haul routes.

Advertised fare sales usually cover a 2- or 3-month travel window that starts two or three weeks from the sale launch. But you should always keep a look out for the unadvertised fares, too. We always have our eye on prices, and we'll put the best deals, advertised or not, right here.

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