Why autumn is the time to book a last-minute holiday

17 Sep 2017

Sad to say, but some people think of autumn as a bad thing. For them, its very arrival signals the end of those long summer days and serves as a precursor to wintry gloom.

Not us! Here at Travelzoo, we see autumn as an excellent time to pick up a deal on a last-minute holiday. And here’s why…

Goodbye crowds, hello deals

We’ll start with an obvious one. The passing of peak season in European resorts means thinner crowds, and fewer people means hotels and airlines have beds and seats to fill. Holiday companies also have deals to shift before winter sets in. All of which adds up to a good deal for you. If you can be a little flexible on destination and are willing to travel at the last minute (within a month of booking, say), you’ll find there are some cracking deals to be had. 

Prices go down, temperatures stay high

Here’s another reason we love Med holidays in autumn – the sea has had all summer to bake under a hot sun and is often at its warmest from September to November. Temperatures are solid too. Take Mallorca, for example – you can expect to be sunning yourself in mid-twenties temperatures even in October.

You probably won’t need to pack much more than you would for a summer holiday either – a light jumper for the evenings and a waterproof (just in case) should suffice. 

Charge yourself up for winter

Feeling short-changed by the British summer? We know the feeling. And the fact that summer seemed short-lived means the winter can feel so much longer.

Take action. Now’s the time to top up your sunshine reserves before the winter chill really sets in – drop everything, head off somewhere warm, and winter will feel a whole lot more manageable (and shorter) as a result. 

It’s a great way to use up leftover holiday

It’s reckoned that approximately one third of British workers don’t take their full holiday entitlement. Don’t be one of those people. Put the days to good use – plan a UK break if you can’t justify the expense of going abroad (we've got loads of UK breaks here for less than £100), or just book the time off and have a local adventure. The important thing is to have the holiday – you earned it, you deserve it, make sure you take it.

See the world at its best

Some places are arguably at their very best in autumn. Think of the kaleidoscopic displays of leaf-peeping season in New England or, closer to home, the Lake District; imagine wandering along the blissfully quiet (quieter, anyway) canalside walkways of Venice, or spreading your towel out on a Balearic beach that was, until very recently, thronging with people.

Autumn is the time, people. Get out there and enjoy it.

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