BBC's "The Night Manager": filming locations revealed

22 Mar 2016

With its high-stakes espionage, glamorous protagonists and sultry Bond-like locations, the BBC’s big-budget thriller “The Night Manager” pulled in huge audiences. Want to know where "The Night Manager" was filmed? Then read on…  


In episode one, we meet Tom Hiddlestone’s unflappable Jonathan Pine, night manager at the luxury “Nefertiti Hotel” in Cairo. Pine agrees to help a well-connected guest and gets drawn into the world of ruthless arms dealer Richard Roper. This section of the drama was actually shot at the Es Saadi resort (pictured above and below) in Marrakesh, Morocco – a luxury property overlooked by the Atlas Mountains.  


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Zermatt, Switzerland

Five years on from the events in Cairo, Pine comes face to face with Roper while working in the Hotel Meisters in Zermatt, Switzerland. It's a fictional property, but some of the exterior footage was shot at the luxury Riffelalp Resort. And the scene in which Pine is recruited by MI6 takes place at the Chalet Hotel Schönegg.

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Hartland Peninsula, Devon

In episode two, Pine heads off to Devon to undergo his tough-guy-transformation. When he’s not bedding/beating up the locals, or drinking in The Anchor Inn, he can be seen speeding along coastal roads, with rocky beaches and lush green promontories peeling away in the background. The most accessible (but no less incredible) of the show’s filming locations, this is the Hartland Peninsula in North Devon. You can even rent the very place to which Pine escapes in the show. It’s called Blackpool Mill Cottage.

Hartland Peninsula, North Devon

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La Fortaleza, Mallorca    

We know what you’re thinking. This 17th-century fort, with its bougainvillea-strewn walls, luxury pools and sweeping terraces, looks somehow familiar. That’s because it was also the set of our 2015 Travelzoo TV advert. If you look towards the top left of this photo, you'll see the very pool that featured in the ad.

La Fortaleza

In the show, this place is Roper's secure hilltop hideaway. In reality it’s called La Fortaleza and it’s in the far north of Mallorca, overlooking the popular resort of Puerto Pollensa. It’s owned by a British banker, who bought it for approximately £30m in 2011.

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C’as Patro March, Cala Deià, Mallorca

Over on the island’s northeast coast, in Cala Deià, you’ll find the C’as Patro March restaurant. This is the idyllic spot where Roper and his crew dine in episode two. The restaurant is renowned for its ultra-fresh seafood, all of which will have been caught that morning by local fishermen.  


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