Where to go on holiday in November

05 Nov 2017

Summer is starting to feel like a distant memory and let's face it, you could just use some sun. It’s just before peak season in most long-haul beach destinations, so you can get your sunshine escape in without breaking the bank.

If you're considering a last-minute holiday, here are the destinations we recommend for November.

Best for a Short-Haul Holiday 


Mild temperatures make November one of the very best months in which to visit Marrakesh. It can be a wet month by Moroccan standards, but it’s nothing compared to back home. This is one of our favourite times of year for getting out and exploring the Medina (the old city), and haggling for leather goods in the souks.


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The city is quieter in November; as quiet as it ever gets in Marrakesh, anyway. And with a backdrop of the snowy Atlas Mountains, it’s also really picturesque at this time of year.

Speaking of which, a day trip to the foothills of the Atlas Mountains is a must. If you're up for the 2.5-hour drive, a trip to the beautiful coastal town of Essaouira is well worth it too.

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Like at home, Hurghada’s temperatures decline at this time of year. Unlike home, they settle in at a gorgeous 20°C. The edge of the summer heat is gone and the weather is beautiful.

What’s really special about Hurghada lies beneath the surface of the water. The cerulean hues are splashed with colourful corals, and the sea is teeming with life. There are also a number of fascinating shipwrecks, which time has transformed into thriving artificial reefs. There are spectacular dives for all levels of divers, and the snorkelling opportunities are great too.


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Gran Canaria

The Canary Islands are a perennial favourite among British holidaymakers - and with good reason. The temperatures remain warm and there's plenty of sun  year-round. With the peak-season visitors gone, prices (on air fares, accommodation, car rental and even restaurants) come down.


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You’ll find modern, luxury resorts alongside golden beaches, while inland, dramatic cliffs plunge into thickets of pine trees, and tiny rural hamlets dot the landscape. There are ancient cave paintings, excavated out of sandstone, and desert dunes stretching inland from the beach.

Gran Canaria draws crowds for the beach, but its incredible diversity is what keeps them coming back.

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Best for a Long-Haul Holiday


Phuket is a winter break like no other. It’s a “chilly” 27°C every day, and while you might experience the occasional afternoon shower, it’s the end of the rainy season. The tourist season is only just beginning, so it’s not too busy or pricey, and the diving season is just getting started.

Phuket is one of those destinations where you could go for a week without running into any locals, and that’s what some people love about it. But the authentic side is there if you know where to look. Some of the beaches are really resort towns, built especially to cater for tourists. But wander off into Phuket Town or even down the beach and you’ll find snatches of a warm, friendly, and charmingly authentic Thailand. You can have all the comforts of home, and still immerse yourself in local culture.


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On the beach, traders lug cooler boxes around and serve ice-cold coconuts topped off with a kick of rum. Take a walk and you’ll find tiny beach bars equipped with a blender, bottles of rum and a bounty of fresh fruit, where you can buy the cheapest and most delicious fresh cocktails you’ve ever tasted. Or you can stumble upon a locally run restaurant where you can select a feast of fresh seafood straight out of tanks, and have it served to you on platters while you dig your toes into the sand.

In Phuket Town, you’ll find beautiful Buddhist temples, colourful architecture and little shops selling all kinds of interesting wares.

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Tobago offers a true Caribbean experience: steel pan drums, turquoise waters, white beaches and plenty of sunshine. The rainy season ends in November leaving the landscapes a lush, vivid green, with tropical flowers in bloom everywhere you look. 

It also has over 45 registered diving sites, all home to a stunning diversity of coral and other marine life. While Tobago is certainly known for its beaches, it’s also home to a protected rainforest, where you can go hiking through the brilliant green undergrowth, while over 250 species of bird bring the canopy to life. Waterfalls dot the forest, cascading into clear, calm pools where you can take a dip and cool off. 

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Other Destinations to Consider

Buenos Aires: The November shoulder season offers mild spring weather, cheap rates and thin crowds. It’s also flower season, and the city is colourful and sunny.

Nepal: November is peak season, but for good reason. The mountain views are spectacular, and the autumn days are sunny and warm.

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