Where to go on holiday in July

12 Jun 2017

If you're planning to get away this month, but haven't booked yet, we've got all the last-minute holiday inspiration you'll need right here.

With summer in full swing, July is about chasing the sunshine. There are long evenings to enjoy, that new bikini to be flaunted, and hours and hours of sun to be soaked up. Whether you’re after a Savannah adventure, beachy paradise, quiet coastal towns or back-to-back summer parties, we have some great options for you to consider for your midsummer break.

Best for a UK Break


It's easy to forget, but we're lucky to have such a fantastic beach destination on our own shores. Cornwall is home to the some of the best beaches in the UK, and without international air fares to worry about, it can be really affordable.

Hire a cottage for the whole family, go camping or check into a seaside hotel - whichever option you choose, we recommend booking ahead. The beaches are great for all ages, and the young ones can entertain themselves with a bucket and spade while those old enough go surfing or sailing.


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One of the great things about visiting Cornwall is the food. There’s something to suit every budget, from the iconic Cornish pasty to fresher-than-fresh seafood. A good starting point is Nathan Outlaw's flagship eatery in Port Isaac (above) or one of Rick Stein's many establishements in Padstow, but in truth, there are options everywhere. The area is also famous for its rich clotted cream, an integral part of any self-respecting afternoon tea, and also used to make some of the best ice cream you’ll ever taste. 

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Best for a Short-Haul Holiday


The Black Sea Coast is coming up as one of the best new destinations for travellers. Its' a great alternative to the resorts of Spain or Greece, and (more often than not) a fraction of the price. July on the Bulgarian coast is hot, with temperatures reaching 35°C in the day.


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This is a summer destination for those who want to save on rates and spend their holiday budget where it matters: visiting national parks, exploring the coastline, sipping cocktails and enjoying all the trimmings of a seaside summer holiday.

July is peak season, but the comparatively low prices make it a great option for travellers looking for a lively destination.

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Best for a Long-Haul Holiday


July in Antigua is best suited to those seeking sunshine and heat. The end of the month is also carnival time. The annual festival celebrates the emancipation of slaves in 1834, and it features 10 days of beauty pageants, colourful costumes, music and dancing. So much dancing.

The carnival is a mesmerising journey into Antiguan culture, and you’ll be swept into the celebrations. There are bands and parades, and vendors selling delicious street food straight from the grill. 


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The sea is almost as warm as the air temperature, so if warm waters appeal to you, you’ll love the beaches at this time of year.

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After a long rainy season, the clouds have cleared and left flourishing grasslands on Kenya’s great plains. The ample grazing gives rise to one of nature's greatest spectacles. Herds of wildebeest, 2-million strong, trek from Tanzania in search of food. They cross the Mara River in their tens of thousands, battling the treacherous waters and the predators that lie waiting beneath the surface, en route to the Maasai Mara, where they can be seen grazing in stupendous numbers.

Visitors to the area can spend days watching life in the savannah unfold beneath the unforgiving sun. It’s peak season for game viewing, but that’s not a bad thing on safari: it means there are more eyes on the lookout for animals. The game-viewing at this time of year is an experience like no other.


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Jamaica in July is hot and humid. It can get uncomfortably hot, but no problem, mon! Everything is irie.

And anyway, there's a particular reason you might want to visit in July: the annual Reggae Sumfest, which takes place in Montego Bay. It’s a week-long festival featuring Jamaica’s finest reggae acts, plus the odd international act. Expect late nights: things run on Jamaican time here.

Remember to allow some time to explore the natural surroundings too. The forests, rivers and mountains are awe-inspiring, and the shady trails are a great way to cope with the heat. Jamaica’s reputation precedes it for good reason - the music is great, the food is flavoursome, and the people are warm and friendly.


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Other Destinations to Consider

France Med coast: It’s midsummer and the weather is warm and sunny. It’s peak season, but that brings with it live music, jazz festivals and other events that bring the coast to life.

Iceland: July brings almost a full 24 hours of daylight to Iceland, and warmer temperatures than the rest of the year. It can get busy, so book in advance.

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