Where to Eat in New York, by Travelzoo Deal Experts

01 May 2017

You've got your flights sorted, you've booked your hotel in New York, now you just need to know where to eat. We rounded up some Travelzoo staffers who’ve been to the Big Apple in the recent past (plus a couple who live there) and asked them to share their favourite eating and drinking experiences in the city. Here’s what they said…  

Ready for a sugar rush?

"For an indulgent lunch, head to the Sugar Factory in the meatpacking district. Waffles with cream and berries, pancakes with Nutella and a Hershey's milkshake. After that we had sugar-shock, but it was worth it."

Tatjana Zeitel - deal expert, Munich


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Tribeca tip

"We had cocktails and a great meal in Tribeca at a restaurant called Distilled NY, which I would thoroughly recommend. The Distilled Wings were a particular highlight."

Nick Cooper - deal expert, London


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Dogs, burgers & brownies

"Several memorable meals come to mind: a typical New York hot dog from a stand near the Brooklyn Bridge; a tuna burger at Heartland Brewery (below); and a caramel brownie at Magnolia Bakery on 6th Avenue."

Monica Heigl - deal expert, Munich


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Weird & wonderful waffles

"Head directly to the Arrogant Swine and consume the mac-and-cheese waffles (with some pork belly on the side). They're waffles, but with mac and cheese stuffed inside them - sounds a bit weird, but you won't care about that once you've tasted them."

Rory Batho - deal expert, London


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The last word in steak

"Cocktails (and knockout views) at the Rockefeller Centre, should be on everyone's New York list. We also visited Keens Steakhouse and had the porterhouse steak. This was, hands down, the most incredible steak (and maybe even meal) I have ever had. It was pricey, but absolutely unbelievable. The decor was really cool as well - intimate and cosy, with hundreds of old smoking pipes decorating the ceiling."

Ceri Anderson - deal expert, Manchester


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The best bagel

"You can’t go to New York and not have a bagel. Take it from this native New Yorker, the best ones you'll ever eat are to be found at Ess-a-Bagel (in Midtown East)."

Annemarie Kropf - deal expert, New York


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Make for the market

"Visiting the Saturday food market Smorgasburg in Williamsburg was great for trying culinary delights from top independent vendors in the city. My top choice was the Colombian Artisanal Arepas stall, so-called after the bread-style patties topped with red beans, hogao (Creole salsa) and Colombian cheese. Also, the Baonanas stall for amazing banana pudding (cakey wafers, fresh bananas and fluffy pudding)."

Emily Heath - deal expert, London


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Fine diner-ing

"We really enjoyed the 24-hour diners - it felt like an authentic experience (more so than perhaps a Michelin-starred restaurant). The Empire Diner is a classic, but our favourite was the Morning Star Cafe. French toast, eggs Benedict, waffles, endless coffee."

Isabel Mather - deal expert, Manchester


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Pastries from heaven

"If you try only one dish in New York, make it the chocolate babka from Breads Bakery. It haunts my dreams. This Eastern European pastry is threaded with chocolate and Nutella and when eaten warm feels like the best part of my day. Decades-old French bistro Café Loup in the West Village is “old New York” in the best ways: an unfussy patina, spacious and cosy, hearty and comforting, with a clientele of devoted, artistic locals."

Ryan Haase - deal expert, New York


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