When’s the best time to visit Tenerife?

14 Jan 2018

In short, there is never a bad time to visit Tenerife – people call it "the Island of Eternal Spring" for a reason.

The lowest temperature the island has ever experienced was 8°C (!), and while it has been known to rocket into the 40s, in general, you’re looking at the solid 20s all year round. This makes it the perfect subtropical climate for anyone in the market for near-guaranteed sunshine and blue skies.

You’ll find beaches galore for sun worshippers, and golf courses, water parks, and the famous volcano, Mount Teide, for those who would rather take on slightly more strenuous activities during the day.

Just pack your usual summer clobber, but throw in a sweater for the evenings if you’re going in the marginally cooler months.

Spring: spring in Tenerife clocks in at around 22°/23°C, and surprisingly, it’s probably the quietest time for the island. The holiday homeowners have enjoyed the winter sun and headed home, and the summer droves are yet to swamp in. For a few months, you’ll find Tenerife at its most gorgeously languid.


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Summer: As reliable as a Swiss clock, summer in Tenerife promises good weather, with a nice batting average of around 27°. It can soar higher, but in general it stays hot, without becoming uncomfortably so. The evenings are warm, and, as you can imagine, in July and August the nightlife also starts bubbling.

Autumn: You might get a drop of rain around November, but in general Tenerife tends to stick loyally to the script. You can find some real bargains from September onwards – i.e. outside of the school holidays – and with temperatures still averaging around 25°C, it’ll feel like summer.

Winter: It seems absurd to even call Tenerife’s winter a winter, as it never really ducks particularly low. Temperatures hover around 22°C, and the coldest month on record on the island still averaged 15°C. With the popular Santa Cruz Carnival in February, it can get pretty busy.


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