When’s the best time to visit Lanzarote?

08 Nov 2017

Ask around and you’ll hear this a lot (because it’s true): there is no bad time to visit Lanzarote. Little wonder it’s often referred to as the Land of Eternal Spring.

As with all of the Canary Islands, it gets dependable year-round sun, making it one of our favourite destinations for winter-sun holidays.

Spring: Given that Lanzarote is an island famed for being spring-like all year round, spring tends to behave precisely as it should. It sticks consistently to the mid 20s, with clear skies almost always assured.

Summer: Obviously, with school holidays kicking in, the summer tends to be the time when the island really hits its stride. Happy holidaymakers arrive, temperatures tend to nestle in the high 20s, and there’s little or no chance of rain. The record high for this time of year was a whopping 43°C, but that was a freakish one off.


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Autumn: The real Lanzarote aficionados will tell you that autumn is the time to pay the island a visit. The crowds are dispersing after a heady summer, but the good vibes remain. The waters are warm, and the temperatures are still very palatable indeed, sitting somewhere in the mid 20s.

Winter: It feels a bit absurd to call it winter, because you can still easily expect temperatures in the high teens and low 20s. Granted, the evenings can get a little cool, and the surrounding seas might be a little more bracing than at the rest of the year, but basically, it’s still lovely.

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