Travelzoo Service Questions, Answered

24 Mar 2020

With coronavirus dominating global headlines -- and at this point, almost any given conversation about travel -- we know you have questions. We’re currently handling an overwhelming number of service inquiries from our members, so we may not be able to take your call or answer your email as quickly as we’d like. To get answers without the long wait times, browse these answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you have a different need, and your inquiry is not urgent, kindly consider contacting us again in a few weeks. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

What if I've paid for a trip already? If you’ve booked a trip that you're now rethinking, call your travel provider directly for details on their cancellation policy. You’ll find the phone number on your confirmation email. You should also check the Terms of Service for your purchase to confirm whether or not your trip is refundable. Your hotel, holiday packager or airline/flight supplier may be offering cancellation waivers -- many are, under the circumstances -- but if not, you may still be able to cancel your trip for a fee. Some travel providers may prioritise waiver decisions for immediate travel dates only.

Cancelled events or business closures: If your deal or event is cancelled, you will receive an email either from our event partner or from Travelzoo with the information you need to reschedule or get a refund.

Local Deals vouchers: We are working with our merchants to extend expiration dates to provide youwith more flexiblity to use your voucher later in the year. We'll notify you via email as extentions are confirmed. If your voucher expires on or before 31 May, 2020, and you no longer wish to use it, don't worry. We will give you a promo code equal to the amount you paid, so you can purchase something else later. Please email us at with the subject line: Voucher Refund Request – [Your Name] – [Voucher Number], so we can prioritise your request. If your voucher expires after 31 May, 2020, and travel restrictions are still in place, please check with us two weeks before your voucher’s expiration date. We are working with our merchants to extend expiration dates to provide you with more flexibility.

Hotel Getaways vouchers: We are also working with our hoteliers to extend expiration dates. We’ll notify you via email as extensions are granted. If your voucher expires in the next seven days, please email us at with the subject line: Getaways Extension Request – [Your Name] – [Voucher Number], and we’ll check on the status of the extension.

Hotel bookings: If you are traveling before 31 May, 2020, and would like to cancel your reservation, please check My Account to determine if your hotel booking is eligible. If not, or you are concerned that you will be charged a cancellation fee, please email us at with the subject line: Hotel Booking Cancellation/Change – [Your Name] – [Your Travelzoo Booking Reference], so we can prioritise your request.

Refunds: If you purchased a voucher in the last 14 days and would like a refund, please visit your My Account page, where you can request a refund online. If you've purchased a 100% refundable deal, you can call or email us anytime for a full refund. If you've already made a reservatoin with the merchant or hotel, please check your voucher for the supplier's cancellation policy to see if you are eligible for a refund.

Password reset, changes to your subscription, or resend a voucher or hotel confirmation: Please visit your My Account page, where you can do all these things online.

For all other inquiries, please visit our FAQ. We are currently assisting members with time-sensitive requests happening in the next seven days.

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