Survey says: true luxury is a good night’s sleep

21 May 2017

What does true luxury travel mean to you? Silk sheets, butler service, an ocean view and endlessly flowing champagne? We were keen to find out if the traditional idea of luxury matched up to the reality, so we surveyed our members.

The results surprised us.

Overall, the message from respondents was clear - hotels, cruise ships and airlines should focus on getting the basics right. Comfort, cleanliness and exemplary service are they key factors that win over customers seeking a luxury experience - over and above indulgent, sophisticated  perks.

Other things we found out: the main reason for flying business or first class is the promise of a lie-flat bed and a good night's sleep; people aren’t actually that bothered about whether a hotel has celebrity connections; and if you overcharge for Wi-Fi, you’re committing the single worst crime known to would-be guests.

All this and more is revealed in the infographic below (click on the image to see full-size version).

When you've finished looking through it, we'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments section. For fun, just complete the following sentence: When I hear the words "luxury travel", I think of...


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