St Kitts: Land of Luxury Hideaways & Top-Class Spas

12 Oct 2015

Best for… relaxation. The luxurious island of St Kitts is a haven for spa seekers - choose from 5-star hotels with bespoke packages, and lush retreats overlooking the verdant rainforest, where you can watch monkeys play in the mango trees while you enjoy a massage. Don’t miss… St Kitts Scenic Railway. The 18-mile route takes passengers along a narrow gauge line originally built to transport cane. You’ll hear about local history and listen to folk songs as you travel in a double-decker rail car through cane fields and over deep canyons. Visit… Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is widely recognised as one of the best-preserved historical fortifications in the Americas. From the top of the fortress you can see forested mountains, plantations and the historical township of Sandy Point, as well as neighbouring islands. Try… goat water stew. Trust us, this is a lot nicer than the name suggests - a delicious combination of goat and breadfruit with papaya and dumplings in a tomato stew. Fun fact… the rainforest is actually expanding here - St Kitts is one of the few places on earth with a rainforest that is not getting smaller each year.

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