Smelly Travellers & the World's Best Restaurant

11 Sep 2015

Welcome back to World of Travel, where we round up our favourite stories from the farthest reaches of the travelsphere - everything from hints and tips sourced from the world's leading travel bloggers, to pictures and videos of incredible destinations you might not have known existed, plus loads of other stuff.

Just so you know, we publish a new one of these every Friday. This is a quite deliberate move, designed to ensure that you have something to read/watch while easing into the weekend. Just make sure the boss isn't watching.

This week we have stories from (among others) @TelegraphTravel, @CNNTravel, @wildatlanticway, @buzzfeedtravel, @IndyTravel and @thepointsguy.

Good Week For...

British Airways 747s, which are here to stay (for now at least). In an age where lots of airlines are doing away with their Jumbo Jets, BA has gone the other way and decided to give its fleet a complete overhaul. The Points Guy has the full story.  

Smelly travellers, who need never wash again, thanks to a brand-new odour-fighting, moisture-resistant shirt, the Libertad, made specifically for people on the move.

The Daily Telegraph has the full lowdown.

Bad Week For...

Suicidal selfie seekers, as it emerges that people’s desperation to achieve the perfect picture is causing death and injury. The gentleman you see on your left has become the poster boy for this sort of thing. Having climbed the Brooklyn Bridge with his selfie stick, David Karnauch shared his proud moment with the world via Instagram, watched it go viral and promptly got arrested. The Daily Telegraph has the story of stupidity.   

Would-be web browsers in the new internet room at North Korea's Pyongyang Sunan Airport, who recently discovered that it’s missing one key ingredient: the internet.

The Independent has the full story.

Anyone passing through Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, which was named the busiest in the world for the 17th year running. Fun.

CNN has the full breakdown.

Did You Know…?

Sometimes the reality of a particular destination doesn’t quite match the reality. If you dare, check out these 17 bucket-list items ruined by real images.

The dirtiest part of a plane? Almost certainly not what you have in mind. Click here to find out what is.

From the Blogs & Beyond

Ever wondered what it’s like to eat in the world’s best restaurant? Wonder no more - here’s Gisella Deputato from CNN on her experience at Girona’s El Celler de Can Roca...

El Celler de Can Roca

Quiz time!

Can you identify

these Disneyland

locations by

their rubbish bins?

Take the test now.  

This Week We're Dreaming About...

...Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way, thanks to this sumptuous video that we just happened upon:

Instagrammer of the Week

Meet Tomi Tervo, the Finnair pilot who runs finnairtomi, one of Finnair's three Instagram accounts. One of the others, finnairsuvi, which is run by an air stewardess, is also excellent, but this is the pick of the bunch. Tomi posts pics and updates from his travels, offering a behind-the-scenes view of life in the cockpit.

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