Nepal: the land of giants rises again

15 Nov 2016

Following the earthquake of 2015, it’s been a tough 20 months for Nepal. However, the nation that’s home to eight of the world’s 10 highest peaks is on the rise again.

Why go in 2017 

While the earthquake brought devastation, it also showed the world how much Nepal has to offer: Hindu and Buddhist temples, mountain treks, wildlife tours and much more. This incredible range of experiences, plus low prices for food and accommodation, make Nepal one of our top picks. Plus, the influx of tourism cash will help Nepal’s economy recover from the quake.


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Insider tip

You don’t have to be an athlete to trek Nepal. There are some easy circuits that still afford incredible views of the highest peaks. Check out Nepal Mountain Lovers to get some ideas about shorter and simpler routes.


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When to go

November to December is peak season for hikers, but late-February to mid-March is a great choice too: temperatures are warmer, flowers begin to bloom and wildlife is easier to spot.

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