Instant expert: Lanzarote

08 Nov 2017

The more you find out about it, the more it makes sense that Lanzarote is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. Read on to find out some intriguing facts about the place...

Lanzarote at a Glance

Population: 139,000
Capital: Arrecife
Official language: Spanish
Currency: euro
Flying time from the UK: 4 hours
Timezone: GMT
Visas: No visa required for British citizens
Tipping: Relaxed. Most people will round up to the nearest euro in all but the smartest restaurants and bars 

10 Things You Need to Know

1. You are contractually obliged to visit the volcanoes and lava fields around the Timanfaya National Park, if only to feel like you’ve been relocated to the moon.

2. Don’t let the arid volcanic landscape fool you, Lanzarote is fertile enough to produce fantastic vineyards. Head to La Geria to sample the local wine.

3. The volcanoes all went off in 1700 and didn’t stop for about 30 years. They’ve been quiet since.

4. If you take a trip to the Haria Valley you’ll find an unexpected world of a thousand palm trees.

5. On the seabed just off Playa Blanca is the Museo Atlantico, an underwater art exhibition which features amazing/creepy sculptures.


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6. Fans of confined spaces will be delighted to know that you can go on actual submarine excursions from Puerto Calero.

7. For those raised on sounds from the Madchester music scene, here’s a fun fact: The Stone Roses video for Fool’s Gold was filmed in Lanzarote.

8. One of the local tricks, which they apparently love to do, is to show you how they can cook steaks on the volcanic rocks, heated by underground lava - that’s a very big oven.

9. Every Sunday, you can enjoy a visit to the market in La Villa de Teguise. In market terms, it’s enormous.

10. If you tire of the bog-standard luxurious soft white sands of Orzola, you can head to Playa Quemada, where the sand is jet black.


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When to visit Lanzarote

As with the rest of the Canary Islands, there really isn’t a bad time to visit Lanzarote – it enjoys a year-round subtropical-desert climate, which essentially means that you will rarely find it on a downer. It’s even been known to hit the mid-30s in November. Obviously, if you’re looking for a quieter time to visit, it’s best to avoid school holidays. Click here for a more in-depth season-by-season look at the weather in Lanzarote.

Lanzarote is Best For…

Families. There is so much to do for families looking to stretch their activities beyond the beaches. You’ll find bustling markets, a stunning national park, and plenty of wonderful little day trips to enjoy.

Sun-seekers. The majority of British tourists know to head to Puerto del Carmen, where you will find vast beaches, perfect for devouring a good book while finally legitimizing your dubious “all year” tan.

Sporty types. You can find some pretty amazing surfing beaches in Lanzarote. For your first port of call, head to the long beach in Famara to grab some lessons and get out there on the waves.

Explorers. There’s so much to find, from hidden bays around Punta del Papagayo to the island of La Graciosa (which you can reach by ferry from Orzola).

Sci-fi fans. Take one look at the landscape around the Timanfaya National Park and it’s easy to see why so many movies and TV shows have used it as a location. "Doctor Who" has been filmed here more than once, most notably from the 1984 episode “Planet of Fire” and 2015’s “Kill the Moon”.


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