Information on flight & holiday taxes & fees

14 Jun 2017

Please read the following carefully.

Unless otherwise indicated, companies listing deals on Travelzoo may not include all applicable taxes, charges and government-imposed fees in the price you see. The following overview has been prepared to give you an idea of what additional fees and taxes may apply. These charges are subject to change, so make sure you check the details with the relevant travel company.

Air Passenger Duty (APD): Government tax, which is collected from airlines by Customs and Excise. Every passenger flying from a UK airport is taxed at £10 for domestic or EU destinations and £40 for long haul economy flights. For travel in upper classes, the charges are doubled.

Passenger Service Charge: All UK air departures now incur a nominal passenger service charge. This fee is imposed by the airline to cover the cost of airport passenger facilities. This is a per person fee and may, or may not be included in the fare price.

Airport Taxes: UK or International government-imposed taxes for departure and arrivals.

Insurance and Security Surcharge: Since September 11, the majority of airlines have added a levy to cover additional security measures and insurance.

Airline Failure Protection: Some companies add an additional Airline Failure Protection fee, which works as a type of insurance if the airline you are traveling with ceases to operate.

Fuel Levy: In reaction to rising oil costs, many airlines have imposed a fuel surcharge to flight and holiday bookings. These are included in most scheduled fares, but may be additional for charter fares and package holidays.

Booking or Service Fee: Many suppliers charge an additional fee for handling your booking.

Payment Fee: A number of suppliers will charge a fee for payment by credit card. This is generally a percentage of the total fare but may also be a flat fee. Debit cards can also incur a nominal charge. This varies according to company.

Ticket on Departure: Dependent on your departure dates (generally for travel within 21 days of purchase), you may also have to pay a 'Ticket on Departure' fee to collect your tickets at the airport.

Paper Ticket Charge: Since the advent of e-ticketing, airlines and other suppliers have increasingly added a charge for issuing 'paper' (or traditional tickets). This varies according to supplier

Booking Amendments & Cancellations: Itinerary changes, if permitted, may be subject to a change fee. This varies according to market, carrier and the specific fare rules associated with your ticket.

Maximum Occupancy: Many holiday packages are based on 'maximum occupancy', meaning that a certain number of people must travel together to get the advertised price. ‘Under-occupancy’ will incur an additional per person charge. This varies according to provider.

In-Flight Meals: Flights included in a package deal are generally with charter or low cost carriers, who charge for inflight meals. This may be added to your holiday price. Meal supplements generally cost between £10 and £17 per meal, per person.

Transfers: Transportation from the airport to your accommodation may or may not be included in the advertised price for your holiday. Transfers can cost between £10 and £30 per person each way.

Baggage Charges: In an effort to keep fares low, while still making a profit, many airlines have now introduced a range of baggage charges. This varies by airline, with some low cost carriers now charging for ALL checked baggage.

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