Grenada: Beaches Abound on this Caribbean Spice Island

12 Oct 2015

Best for… food and drink. Grenada is known as the Spice Island and it’s easy to see why -- lemongrass, thyme, bay leaves, nutmeg, cinnamon, turmeric, pimento, cloves and ginger all flourish across the island. Visit a spice plantation or take a trip to a spice market like the colourful St George’s. For a real Grenadan experience, head to Bathway Beach to drink rum and picnic with the locals as the sun sets.

Visit… Pingouin Beach. Also known as Pink Gin Beach, this swathe of sand is brilliant white and not pink, as the name suggests. The British thought “pingouin” sounded like pink gin, hence its nickname - and some of the nearby bars still serve the cocktail. The water here is crystal clear, so it’s perfect for snorkelling, and the views of the capital, St George’s - surrounded by the crater of a volcano - are impressive. Try… the local rum. Visit a distillery for the best stuff, made with cane crushed by an ancient waterwheel. Most are very generous with their samples! Don’t miss… hiking into the interior. Grenada is criss-crossed with hiking trails. Some follow the shoreline of the lakes and others take a rigorous route over mountainous ridges, overlooking the rainforest. Opt for the Seven Sisters Falls walk to see seven waterfalls in a 2-hour loop. Fun fact… hermit-crab racing is a national pastime. This intriguing event takes place at the Owl Sports Bar at the south end of Grand Anse Beach every Monday. Having bet $2, punters will sit in a circle on the sand and watch the race unfold.

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