Gifts for Tea and Coffee Lovers

25 Oct 2021

An afternoon tea experience is the ideal Christmas gift for a tea or coffee connoisseur. Whether you're looking for a friend, a family member, or colleague, an elegant afternoon tea with a choice of loose-leaf teas or top-quality coffee accompanied by sumptuous sandwiches and cakes is a perfect option.

We have a range of amazing afternoon tea experience options to satisfy lovers of this very British tradition. Search through our selection of afternoon tea deals and give the gift of luxury this Christmas. Discover why afternoon tea is the best gift for a tea and coffee connoisseur here:

Why afternoon tea is the best gift for tea and coffee lovers 

The gift of an afternoon tea isn't just a quick cuppa around the kitchen table — it's a lovely treat that's perfect for the tea and coffee lover in your life. 

Venues offering afternoon tea are often opulent and luxurious, making the occasion a memorable experience. Whether your loved one would prefer a quirky tea room with mismatched crockery or a posh, high-end hotel or restaurant surrounded by glittery grandeur, you'll be able to find the ideal afternoon tea gift with the help of Travelzoo.

The history of a very British tradition

Afternoon tea is a popular tradition, but where did this tradition come from? During the early 19th century, the consumption of tea in Britain increased. It was during this time that Anna, 7th Duchess of Bedford, introduced the act of consuming a light snack along with a pot of tea during the late afternoon.

The Duchess was said to complain of "a sinking feeling" around 4pm, and this is what prompted her to take a snack and a pot of tea in her boudoir. At the time of Anna adopting her new eating habit, it was customary for people to eat only two meals a day — breakfast in the morning and dinner in the evening.

A sumptuous selection of afternoon tea deals 

We have an amazing selection of afternoon tea deals to satisfy even the pickiest tea and coffee connoisseur this Christmas.

Whether your loved one is a connoisseur of tea or coffee, an afternoon tea experience is the gift they've been hoping for. You're sure to discover the perfect gift in our selection of afternoon tea deals, and also in our collection of special Christmas gifts.

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