The incredible filming locations of Blue Planet II

07 Dec 2017

If you’re anything like us, you’ve spent the last few Sunday evenings glued to BBC One, with jaw fully open, staring in astonishment at the spectacular visual delights of “Blue Planet II”.

You might also have spent some time wondering exactly where filming took place. Well, wonder no more!

Below, you’ll find out not just where some of "Blue Planet II"’s best bits were filmed, but how you can get there yourself. We can’t guarantee you’ll come back with Attenborough-worthy video footage, but there’s no harm trying!

And if the whole thing has you simply desperate to take the next possible holiday, we can help with that too.

Walrus on ice – Svalbard, Norway

The "Blue Planet II" team visited this Norwegian wilderness setting in July to film walrus mothers and pups “hauling out” (temporarily climbing from the sea to lounge about on icebergs). The result? One of the series' most iconic shots.

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Mobula rays at night – Sea of Cortez, Mexico

Another first for the "Blue Planet II" team, whose night-time filming captured the bioluminescent displays of mobula rays in the rich seas between the Mexican mainland and Baja California Peninsula.

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Sea lions on the prowl – Galapagos Islands

Sea lions using teamwork to herd tuna into rock pools? Sounds ridiculous, but we all saw it happen on the penultimate episode, "Coasts". Even the director didn't believe it would happen until she saw it with her own eyes. That's the Galapagos Islands for you: a place where the extraordinary is ordinary.

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Giant seas – Nazaré, Portugal

This former fishing port (and popular summer-holiday resort), which lies an hour’s drive or so north of Lisbon, is famed for its serious surf. Presumably "gnarly" is an acceptable word to use in this instance. Here’s a reminder of why:

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Groupers of the Great Barrier Reef – Queensland, Australia

Despite catastrophic bleaching caused by climate change, the Great Barrier Reef remains a marine wonderland, and provided the location for some of the series’ most memorable moments.

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Fish plucking birds from mid-air Farquhar Atoll, Seychelles

Back in episode one jaws were already on the floor as giant trevally - the big, bad brute of tropical waters - plucked birds not only from the surface of the water, but from mid-air. 

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Six-gill sharks of the deep – the Azores

The remote Azores archipelago threw up plenty of highlights in this series, including six-gill sharks feasting on sunken whale carcass, not to mention those zombie worms.

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Other locations featured in the series include:

  • Antarctica
  • Borneo
  • Fiji
  • Hornoya Island, Norway
  • Japan
  • New Zealand
  • North America
  • South Africa

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