Covid-19 Websites, Resources & Information for Travellers

30 Nov 2021

It's no secret that Covid has and is impacting our lives in nearly every way. With regards to travel, it's somewhat more complex as you need to know what your local requirements are, as well as the requirements in your travel destination. We've put some of the most valuable links below, so you can find up-to-date information from government and international sources.

What are the best sources for UK guidelines and requirements?

There's a specific Covid page on the website. Here is where you'll find lists and changes to local guidelines. You can filter by nation, and see if rules differ, eg, from Scotland to Wales, using the radio buttons along the left side of the page. There will also be links to the travel pages as changes go live.

You can find information about testing, vaccine, and other requirments if you are departing from and returning to England, and are links to guidance for travel to and from Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales. This is where you can find specific advice, whether you are vaccinated, not (or not fully) vaccinated, travelling with children, exempt due to your occupation, or travelling within the UK, Ireland, Channel Islands, or Isle of Man.

Returning from most countries requires proof of a negative test. Be sure to use the list of providers approved by the UK government. Many airlines, as well as Eurostar and some credit cards, offer discounts at these providers. It's a good idea to check their sites or search "[provider name] testing discount" to find any codes available for your trip.

You can also check more specific advice regarding the red list, which has more restrictions than other destinations.

Where can I find information on the requirements and situation in my planned destination?

Once again, the website is the go-to resource. Not only can you search for your destination country from this site, the page will also direct you to specific sites and information regarding that destination's current requirements and restrictions, if there are any. Plus, once you're on the page for your destination, you can sign up for email alerts for your destination so you'll be up to speed until you travel.

You can (and probably should) also search, eg, "covid entry requirements [destination]". This may also get you to websites for local governments so you can find further information.

Where can I find health information about Covid in general?

The NHS website is a good resource for current information about variants, symptoms, treatments, and how to prevent catching and spreading Covid.

The World Health Organization has recommendations on international travel and health.

The Centers For Disease Control (CDC) also has information on Covid itself, and the countries that pose the highest associated travel risks.

Anything else?

We'd recommend checking your airline, cruise line, tour operater, agent, and/or hotel specifically as to how they are dealing with the situation. As referenced, some travel providers will offer discounts on testing. Some hotels offer onsite testing if you need pre-departure tests, and you can find out, for example, what a cruise line may accept as proof of vaccination. Most transport providers will send you informatoin before your departure to help you prepare.

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