Barbados: knockout beaches and buzzing nightlife

11 Oct 2015

Best for… nightlife. If you’re looking for a lively evening with plenty of Caribbean charm, Barbados is your best bet. Events such as the Friday Night Fish Fry in Oistins are a great insight into local life - Bajans and tourists dance to reggae into the early hours, fuelled by spicy fish dishes, rice and peas, and the legendary rum punch.

Don’t miss… the rugged beauty of the east coast. The white sands of the west are dotted with top hotels and exclusive villas, but more tourists are following locals to the culturally rich east coast for uncrowded beaches, staggering rock formations and spectacular plantations.

Visit… Bridgetown. Head to the capital’s 17th-century Garrison area, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to explore remnants from Barbados’ colonial past, including forts, officers’ quarters, guard houses and an underground tunnel system.

Try… any fish dish. We love fried flying fish, served in huge saltbread sandwiches, and whole-baked "dolphin" - don’t be alarmed, that's just the local name for mahi-mahi.

Fun fact… Barbados is home to a colony of green monkeys. They are thought to have come from Senegal and the Gambia in west Africa roughly 350 years ago and can be found all over the island.

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