A short guide to Wimbledon

22 May 2019

It’s that time of year again: fresh strawberries, delicious Pimm’s and the greatest tennis players in the world coming together to take part in the legendary Wimbledon Championships.

A brief history of Wimbledon

Wimbledon dates all the way back to the 1877, when the very first Championships were held at the All England Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club. Around 20 players took part and the final was watched by 200 people -- very different to the 39,000 spectators that can now be held in the grounds at any one time.

Initially, the Championships only included the men's singles event. However, in 1884, Wimbledon saw its first female champion, as it expanded to include ladies' singles, as well as men's doubles.

Since its inaugural event, the Championships have been held at Wimbledon every year with only two breaks, during the First and Second World Wars.

In 2018, for the first time ever, the action from all 18 courts was televised, allowing people around the world the chance to marvel at all the sporting talent on display and experience more of the spectacle that has become a British institution.

When is it?

This year, the Wimbledon Championships are being held from 1-14 July, with the finals taking place on Saturday, 13, and Sunday, 14 July.

Where does it take place?

 Wimbledon is held at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in southwest London, close to Wimbledon Park.

 When the tournament returns this summer, the players will once again compete on the 18 tournament grass courts, which include the famous Centre Court and No.1 Court.

Are there any Wimbledon traditions?

Traditionally, spectators wore suits or dresses to Wimbledon. More recently, the dress code has become more relaxed, and although dressing smartly is still encouraged, it’s not enforced -- as long as you avoid ripped jeans, running gear, dirty trainers or sport shorts.

It’s also important to remain completely silent while play is in progress until each point is over, then you can cheer to your heart's content -- break these rules and you can expect a stern telling-off.

How can I can get tickets?

If you want to guarantee a seat for the No.1 Court, then we have an exclusive offer on an overnight stay and a Saturday ticket for the Championships. You’ll get accommodation at a hotel in Greater London on the Friday night, with breakfast, and a full Saturday at Wimbledon, which includes a reserved seat on No.1 Court.




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