7 things you can do right now to help save the oceans

06 Dec 2017

Excuse the rather gruesome shot at the top of the page. We know it's not pleasant, but sometimes there's simply no avoiding the truth.

If "Blue Planet II" has you, on the one hand, delirious about the wonder of our natural world, but on the other, fearful for the future, then you've probably already resolved to take action. Below is a little reminder from the man himself about the scale of the problem we now face to save our seas. Then, underneath the video, are eight things (some of which you can put into action today) that will make a difference.

Limit your use of plastic

Think about this for a moment: every year, approximately eight million tonnes of plastic ends up in the world’s oceans.

Do your bit by limiting the amount you use, recycling everything you possibly can, and opting for reusable bottles and containers where possible. Going to the beach? Take a reusable bottle with you and refill it daily rather buying cans and bottles all the time.

And stop using straws immediately. Want to know why? Check out this video:

Pick up litter – even if it’s not yours

Much of the rubbish floating in the sea begins its life as discarded litter on the beach. Do your bit by picking up whatever you see.  

Reduce your energy use at home

It’s often hard to understand how your own activity impacts the world. Think of it this way: the less energy you use, the less carbon dioxide you’re responsible for pumping into the atmosphere, and that means the sea becomes less acidic and coral stops dying.

Avoid products that use microbeads

These tiny bits of plastic are almost undetectable, but they’re doing huge damage to marine animals. Present in face scrubs, toothpastes, and body-washes, they get washed down sinks, into waterways and sewer systems, and ultimately into the oceans. They’re small enough to be ingested by animals, at which point they begin their journey back into our food chain. Yuk.

Find out which products on sale in the UK contain these pesky beads right here.

Eat sustainable seafood 

It can be hard to know what’s off limits and what’s OK, particularly as advice seems to change all the time. Take the hard work out it – the Marine Conservation Society website has all the info you need. Tuna fans should also check out Greenpeace’s Tuna League Table.

Join a beach clean-up event

The Marine Conservation Society runs loads of events around the country every year. Check out their website, find your nearest one, get some friends and family together and join the effort! Click here to find your nearest beach clean-up.

Always remember these three words: LEAVE NO TRACE

If you do nothing else, take this phrase with you wherever you go. Treat the world as if it were your own home. Never drop litter, tread carefully and don’t touch coral, take an interest in the ecosystem without disturbing it. In general – leave things exactly the way you found them.

What’s your tip? In the comments below, share your advice for how we can reduce our impact on the world’s oceans?

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