16 Places Our Deal Experts are Going in 2016

23 Nov 2015
With 196 countries in the world, narrowing our 2016 Wow Destinations down to five locations was no easy task. There were plenty of countries, islands and popular tourist destinations that made our shortlist but just missed out on making it into our Top 5.

We asked our deal experts where they plan to travel to next year and why. Here’s what they said…

Stuart, Head of Publishing

Where: St Lucia Why: Stuart tries to get away somewhere sunny every February - he’s usually had his fill of the British winter by then. And St Lucia is one of the few places in the world you are guaranteed sunshine whatever time of year you visit

Alexandria, Associate Photo Editor

Where: Mauritius Why: With 2015 taken over by weddings and family holidays, Alex is looking forward to a much needed, luxurious beach holiday

Jen, Head of Business Development, Hotels

Where: New York, Las Vegas and San Francisco/Napa Valley Why: A 2-week road trip beckons for Jen, who is busy putting the finishing touches to plans for her trip

Rory, Senior Copy Editor

Where: Israel Why: Rory is planning a city break to Tel Aviv next year, mainly to see the sights but also to sample the food. We’re sure he’ll manage to squeeze in some beach time too

Simon, Head of Sales, Hotels

Where: Jamaica Reason: Most people would head here to relax on the beach, but we’re sure Simon will spend his time snorkeling, sailing and doing anything else that allows him to keep fit!

Katie, Associate Producer

Location: Les Arcs, France Reason: Skiing fan Katie has opted to hit the slopes in January, rather than during the traditional tourist peak season in February/March; she has booked her holiday for a fraction of the cost

Jon, Sales Manager, Entertainment

Where: Bad Gastein, Austria Why: Ski resort Bad Gastein offers the best of both worlds for Jon and his partner. A range of slopes, plus a wellness centre and thermal hot springs – perfect after a day spent skiing

Laura, PR Assistant, Europe

Where: South Africa Why: Laura is planning on spending some time sunbathing on South Africa’s stunning beaches. It won’t be completely relaxing though, as she is determined to go cage diving with great white sharks

Stuart, Head of Business Development

Where: St Vincent, Caribbean Why: Stu was intrigued to visit this seemingly wonderful Caribbean destination after working closely with a resort on the island. Plus, he needs to top his tan up!

Sara, Website Editor

Where: Albania, USA and Sri Lanka Why: Sara has already planned in three trips for next year: Albania, because it’s like Croatia was before it got so popular; USA, because Sara is originally from Atlanta; and Sri Lanka, where Sara plans to meet a friend who lives in Asia

Claire, Associate Producer

Where: Crete, Greece Why: Mainly because her mum is treating Claire and her siblings to a family holiday!

Stephen, Operations Director, Europe

Where: Whistler, Canada Why: Another of our big five gets a mention. Stephen has booked to go skiing next February with his partner, as they can use their air miles to get there. They've been three times before and love it - they even have ski lessons with the same instructor every time

Nick, Sales Manager

Where: Texas, Vegas, Munich and New Zealand Why: Resident Kiwi Nick is heading over to Texas to spend his time dancing to country music and eating BBQ food with family. He’s planning on doing the world’s toughest Tough Mudder in Vegas, experiencing Oktoberfest in Munich and then flying home for Christmas

Hayley, Associate Publisher

Where: Sardinia Why: Hayley’s husband and dad are both cycling mad, so are participating in a 7-day race while Hayley and her mum relax poolside

Luke, Associate Producer

Where: Boston, NYC and Puerto Rico Why: Luke has been busy planning in his trips for next year and will be off to Puerto Rico on his Travelzoo experience next March

Melissa, Sales Manager

Where: Madeira and Southeast Asia or South Africa Why: Melissa is getting married in Madeira next summer and is currently deciding on where she would like to spend her honeymoon!

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