10 reasons you should do a UK staycation

07 Mar 2017

For many people (us included), holidays are so often about gathering up friends or family, filling a bag with swimwear and sun cream, boarding a plane for somewhere hot and unfurling a towel on the beach. However, in recent years more and more people have been looking closer to home for holiday inspiration. And with good reason - here we present just a few reasons why you should be leaving your passport at home this year and planning a holiday in the UK

1. As literally just mentioned, you won’t need your passport

There’s not a holiday-seeker in the known world who hasn’t endured that lightning bolt heart-in-the-throat, breath-catching moment of panic that comes with convincing yourself that your passport is languishing in a drawer somewhere when it should be in your bag (always at the bottom). It’s a truly dreadful way to start a holiday, but get this – holiday on home turf and it’s guaranteed not to happen.

2. You won’t splurge unnecessary cash in a departure lounge

Those hours you have to kill in an airport while you wait for your flight are some of the most dangerous known to man – you’ve eased down the gears into “holiday mode”, your behaviour is erratic and free-wheelin’, hence you’re actively vulnerable to predators working the tills in perfume shops, or hawking jumbo Toblerones that look hilarious (and tasty). On a staycation, however, your only obstacle of unnecessary desire is a bumper bag of Hula Hoops from a service station.


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3. The travel bit is much easier

There’s no crossing over into different time zones and jumbling up your sleep patterns, no planes to board, no having to pick up a hire car, and then having to keep reminding yourself which side of the road to drive on. There’s no watching a carousel of other peoples’ luggage while you wait to find out whether yours boarded a different plane and is now heading for a fortnight of sun, sea and sex in Antigua. No. Whether you’re going by car, train, boat or barge, you’re on home soil, friend – everything is a doddle.


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4. You’ll discover just how beautiful your home country is

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the UK is home to some truly beautiful places. The Lake District, the Peak District, the District Line (OK, not that one). Bath, Oxford, Cambridge, the Norfolk Broads, the Yorkshire Dales, the Orkneys, Stonehenge – the list goes on. How many of the above places can you tick off your list? Chances are you’ve still got plenty left to see – now’s the time to do it.


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5. There’s no language barrier to overcome

The days of wandering into a boulangerie wearing damp swimming trunks, pointing at a ham and cheese croissant, shouting “TWO” in loud English, and then paying with an unnecessarily large banknote are over.

Don't get us wrong - we're firmly of the opinion that travel broadens the mind, and that sometimes, in order to truly escape, you need to lose yourself in a culture that looks and sounds nothing like your own. However, there's also nothing wrong with not doing that every time you go on holiday.


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6. There are surprisingly good beaches here

For some reason, many of us still think of British beaches as craggy monstrosities being lashed by Atlantic rollers, and only ever viewed through a rain-lashed windscreen on a depressingly grey day. WRONG. Take yourself to Rhossili Bay, Woolacombe, Watergate Bay, Saunton Sands, Botany Bay, West Wittering, or the Outer Hebrides (e.g. Luskentyre, pictured below). You’ll find soft golden sand, and lots of it. Plus sunshine*.


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*Hopefully. Maybe.

7. You’ll get to rediscover some of what makes Britain great

Britain isn’t all Brexit bickering and binge-drinking. We also have the greatest pubs in the world, the tastiest curries, the best cream teas, the biggest Yorkshire puds and, of course, the legendary full English. Get stuck in, celebrate our culinary amazingness.


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8. You won’t be hit with massive unexpected costs

Here are just a few things you won’t have to even contemplate on your UK staycation: Just how much is this phone call going to cost me? I need to withdraw some cash – what ridiculous charge will I have to pay if I use my regular debit card? Should I upgrade to the full car insurance or risk the basic cover? I’ve bought a LOT of souvenirs – how much is this going to cost in excess baggage? Say goodbye to all of the above.

9. You might even enjoy a spot of sunshine

Forget the reputation for grey skies and rain-lashed beaches - the UK can, just occasionally, really get its heat mojo working. Some will remember that legendary summer in 1976 when people decided, en masse, to fry eggs on the pavement, and back in 2003, Kent felt the full force of a 38-degree heat. Even last year, parts of the country had a chance to bask in 30°C. The point being that the sun does shine – it’s going to be great.**


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**Don't blame us if it doesn't. 

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