Ireland: Travelers' Questions, Answered

Apr 15, 2015

We polled our experts on the most common questions about Ireland travel. One of our producers even lived in Galway as a young adult, so she had a lot of great information to share. Here’s what they had to say:

If you had had more time or money, what would you have done differently?

All of our deal experts said they would have wanted to stay longer than they had planned on. Most of Travelzoo’s employees stayed about four to five nights, but many said they would have preferred a full weeklong trip as to not race from one city to the next and really soak in the beauty of the countryside and learn the larger cities better. Dublin can be well navigated in three to four days.

Temple Bar, Dublin

Is this a kid friendly/family friendly trip?

Absolutely, especially the west and southwest areas of the country. Families play a big role in Irish culture so kids would be welcome just about anywhere. Families traveling over the holiday season should take note: larger towns like Galway and Cork host Christmas markets during holiday shopping season. While these can make traffic a nightmare on the tiny streets, the markets are packed to the rafters with families enjoying the music, rides and food. A wonderful family activity, but make sure little ones don’t get lost in the large crowds.

Would there be a benefit for some travelers to take an escorted tour?

The universal answer: yes. And there are plenty to choose from, the majority departing from Dublin. One of the biggest advantages of taking an escorted tour would be not having to navigate the notoriously difficult Irish roads. Many of our deal experts also recommend smaller daylong tours for places like Ring of Kerry and Dingle Peninsula.

What as the one thing you couldn’t live without on this trip you brought from home?

Don’t forget to pack your raincoats and up-to-date GPS devices if you’re planning on driving.

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