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British influences.

Barbados just celebrated its 50th year of independence from Britain, but you can still see centuries of colonial influences in the island's culture and architecture, from driving on the left side of the road to the passion for polo & cricket. Windmill remnants from its sugar-cane production days can still be found on the island.

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Beach time.

A bit triangular in shape, Barbados is 20 miles north to south and 15 miles from east to west at its widest point, so you’re never far from the waters of the Caribbean. Barbados' most iconic attraction is its sun-drenched sands (more than 80 beaches in all), thanks to year-round temps in the 80s.

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Variety abounds.

Barbados might be a small island, but its dining scene is big at heart. Perch on a clifftop above the sea while dining at a top-notch restaurant. Dress in a swimsuit and bare feet at a beachfront shack. Check out a rum shop or stop at an outdoor pop-up caterer (the longest line usually signifies the best food).

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Lively atmosphere.

Music is important in Barbados - the home of Rihanna; expect a soundtrack of calypso, jazz or pop wherever you go. Dance, feast and toast with locals at scheduled events such as the Oistins Fish Fry (every Friday night). Bet on horse racing at the Garrison Savannah Racetrack in Bridgetown.

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Desired spot.

As a top travel destination in the world, Barbados is well served by numerous airlines and cruise lines. JetBlue, American Airlines and Delta all fly to Bridgetown. In order to maintain plant and animal life on the island, certain items are prohibited, so be sure to read the guidelines before you go.

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