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Central and South America promise travelers rainforest adventures, beachside relaxation and exploration of the ruins from ancient civilizations. Lush flora and unique fauna characterize the landscape while the cities pulse to their own lively rhythms.

Adventure-seekers should look to the iconic citadels of Machu Picchu, the glaciers of Patagonia and the Amazonian rainforests. Travelers after relaxation need look no further than the beaches of Costa Rica and Panama, home to all-inclusive resorts and beachside retreats. Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro and Bogota offer local culture with a metropolitan flair.

Travelers to Central and South America should look closely at the weather for their travel window. Since much of Central America is near or on the equator, the countries there experience “dry season” (November-April) when the weather is temperate and prices are higher and “wet season” (May-October) when sporadic showers dot the afternoons, but prices are lower and the area is bursting with color. In South America, the weather is so varied depending on if you are relaxing on the beaches of Brazil, where the climate is temperate year round, or hiking the Andes mountains, which are home to snow-capped peaks and rainforests. Travelers who are planning mostly outdoor activities should do additional research to determine which conditions and seasons best suit their travel needs.

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