Cuba Vacations

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As the U.S. government has loosened travel restrictions, the Caribbean’s largest island of Cuba is quickly becoming a new must-see locale for U.S. citizens. It’s already one of the most popular Caribbean destinations for Canadian and European travelers.

The benefit of traveling to Cuba with a packager is that they do all the paperwork. From the visa to medical insurance and ensuring all regulations are met, they’ve done this before and the cost is usually included in the package price.

The sunny tropical climate makes Cuba a winter favorite for snowbirds. Like the rest of the Caribbean, hurricane season runs from June to November, and it can be rainy May through October. Summer can be a popular time to visit; the annual Carnival in Santiago is held in late July.

The additional restrictions and documentation means Cuba is a more expensive island vacation than other Caribbean hot spots, but for travelers wanting the “authentic” Cuban experience, now is the time to go.

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