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Last-minute travel deals can offer big savings -- and a lot of fun. More and more travelers are waiting until closer to their departure dates or vacation time to pick the destination they want to go or the hotel they want to stay at.

The offers below are for all sorts of trips -- from transatlantic cruises to luxurious resort stays to affordable staycations. We also have activities deals that can make for a fun weekend not so far from home.

The most important last-minute travel tip is this: be flexible. For travelers who are open to many vacation locations and or type of trip, lots of cash can be saved. For people looking for flight deals, consider booking at off-peak times. The best fares, the ones that really inspire last-minute travel, are more often found for Saturday departures and Tuesday and Wednesday returns. Don’t just look for fares at your regular airport; look for nearby ones. Flying from regional airports may help you save money, and there is even a chance they’ll be less crowded and have more flights that have unsold seats.

Last-Minute Deals

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