International Car Rentals

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Car rentals can make up part of travel planning -- like grabbing a car for day jaunts -- or this can be the main event of a road trip vacation. Whether you’re looking to rent a compact car or a luxury SUV, Travelzoo has deals. While the smallest size is typically the cheapest, opting for a hybrid or electric car, if available, can balance out savings on gas money.

If the trip is close to home, renting a car means that no miles or wear and tear is put on a personal vehicle. Also, opting to rent is a way to test out a different model, travel with a large group, or visit a destination that may warrant snow tires (or a convertible). Many rental companies also have extras than can be added onto the price from ski racks and car seats to GPS units and DVD players. Check pricing close to your home (or hotel) to compare with nearby airports as many times picking up from an airport will be significantly cheaper.

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