Travelzoo Tips: Alberta

May 30, 2018

We asked our members to share the must-see places in their own communities. Here are their tips for Alberta.

 Ride the rails through the Rockies

“Views of the Rockies are a spectacular experience. Going on the train (rather than driving) allows you to have a hands-free, no-distractions experience enjoying the majestic views. My tip: Check the hours you'll be going through the Rockies. Sometimes the direction matters. You don't want to be going through in the dark!” -- Joan, Travelzoo member

Get up close and personal with predatory birds in Coaldale, Alberta

"Alberta Birds of Prey Centre takes in predatory birds that have been injured and restores them back to health; many are reintroduced to the wild once healed. Visitors see these magnificent birds up close and learn about them. Most are not in cages but are tethered in the open. In some cases, with special permission, employees will allow you to hold a bird, such as a falcon, hawk or owl. There are daily flight demonstrations with various birds, including eagles. One of our favorite activities is to walk to the pond where a gaggle of geese are waiting for you to feed them. Kids of all ages laugh and enjoy the experience!"     -- Travelzoo member Angela

Swimming (or even bodysurfing) in Milk River at the Writing on Stone Provincial Park in Alberta  

Photo: Travel Alberta
“It was a blast and totally unexpected. Southern Alberta has some stunning views, from the mountains to the south and hoodoos in the Milk River area, not to mention dinosaur bones and the deserted RCMP outpost at Fort Walsh. There’s lots of great camping and hiking.” -Member Sharon

Take an Ice Walk in Jasper National Park

"You will never understand just how beautiful it is being down in the canyon  in the winter. Then, go back in the summer and see the water rushing by. Amazing." --Member Mary Anne

Canoe in Lake Louise, Alberta

"From coast to coast, Canada is jam-packed with natural beauty -- but Lake Louise in Alberta is one of the most picturesque spots in the entire country. Visit in the spring and summer months and the shimmering turquoise waters will take your breath away. You’ll definitely want to go for an unforgettable canoe ride. Visit in the winter and it’s pure magic, a real winter wonderland. Stay at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise right on the shores of the lake for an experience that just oozes romance." -- Natalie DiScala, editor of Oh! Travelissima.


Travel the Highway From Jasper to Banff, Alta.

"This is one of Canada's most dramatic mountain drives, with outstanding vistas and many attractions. You will never take it all in on your first tour! There’s the Athabaskan Falls, the Columbia Icefields, the pristine waters of the mountain lake, an abundance of wildlife (if you’re really looking) and the ever-changing faces of the mountains themselves."

-- Member Paul 

Come See the UFO Landing Pad in St. Paul, Alberta

"It’s the only UFO landing pad in North America. There's a group of alien trackers in St. Paul who can show evidence of strange occurrences. St. Paul's motto is "A People Kind of Place," and they live up to it. Everyone is friendly, welcoming and totally accommodating to visitors -- even the alien kind!" -- Member Corrine

Tour Elk Island National Park, Alberta

"It's home to large herds of both plains and woodlands bison, elk herds, great lakes for paddling and wonderful camping and picnic grounds." -- Member Barbara

Go To Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, Alberta

"Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump just has to be seen and experienced. Reading about it caught my interest a little, but being there it is more than just interesting - it's really breathtaking. The interpretive centre is extremely informative. The walkout overlooking the kill site allows visitors to not just imagine this incredible hunt, but also presents a gorgeous view of the same landscape people would have seen thousands of years ago. The wildlife and scenery and sacred nature of the place make it a very special place that you feel lucky to visit." -- Travelzoo member Ella

Visit Fort Edmonton Park, Alberta

"Fort Edmonton Park illustrates the history of the fur trade, which led to the development and establishment of the Dominion of Canada. The park was founded for the Centennial, so it’s now celebrating its 50th birthday." -- Travelzoo member Debra

Explore Okotoks Erratic (Big Rock), Alta.

"Set in the foothills of Alberta with the Rockies in the background, it’s a beautiful sight to see! Take a short stroll and enjoy it for all its natural and Aboriginal history. From there you can visit many nearby towns. Calgary is also just minutes away." -- Travelzoo member Bryan

Celebrate at Confederation Park in Calgary

"Confederation Park in northwest Calgary has picnic areas, playgrounds, a public golf course, a wetland area and great toboggan hills in the winter." -- Travelzoo member Susan

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