Fall Harvest Edition

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Enjoy seasonal delights

Unwind with a hotel or resort retreat that embraces the warmth and charm of fall, complete with crackling fireplaces, nature views and the chance to indulge in the allure of the season. These hand-picked getaways include seasonal delights, like roasted S’mores, wine-tastings and dining credits for local fare to round out your trip.

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Captivating city stays.

Strolling city streets when trees are ablaze with vibrant hues can be a magical experience. Leisurely walks in parks, cozy cafes and a blend of urban landscape mixed with nature's artistic display make this an unforgettable time to visit. From Victoria to St. John’s, check out our collection for a captivating city stay this fall.

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Immerse yourself in fall.

From the vibrancy of the Laurentians to Banff’s golden mountain vistas, Canada is home to some of the best places to witness nature's autumnal spectacle. This collection maps out our favourite tree-filled spots to immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of colours for an unforgettable visual feast, and even more memorable getaway.

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Celebrate together.

Fall provides the perfect backdrop for cozy moments, laughter and connecting with loved ones. Embrace the crisp autumn air as you embark with friends on a nature-inspired experience or savour the flavours of the season with a gathering over a hearty meal. These member-exclusive offers make it easy to celebrate the season, together.

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Top leaf-peeping spots.

Sure, there are loads of places to see nature put on its colourful display, but let's stop to brag a little—there's no better place to witness the beauty of autumn than in Canada. Read on to discover our top six picks for viewing fall foliage across the country.

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