How To Use Foursquare While Traveling

Dec 28, 2015
Not all travelers have time -- or want to -- do too much research before a trip. Suppose you step out of your hotel early morning ready to explore a new city. Where do you begin?

With over 70 million local tips and ratings, Foursquare is here to help you find the best places to eat, drink, shop and visit. They’ve also reinvented local search to help you identify places you’ll like. Follow Travelzoo on Foursquare here to never miss a deal when exploring.

Open up your Foursquare app and begin your search

It’s 8 a.m. in New York City and you’re looking for breakfast. Select from one of the categories or type in “breakfast” in the search bar. As you begin to type, you’ll notice several more specific categories will appear: Breakfast, Brunch, Boozy Brunch, etc.

Narrow down your choices

With thousands of restaurants in NYC, for example, what do you pick?

Sort by distance to find what’s closest and rating to find what’s most recommended. Filter your results to show what’s open now. You can even filter your results to only show recommendations by friends or brands you follow, and establishments “offering a special” on Foursquare.

See helpful tips

The great thing about Foursquare is that the tips have a short character limit of 200 so they’re just to the point.

Tips will often tell you what the recommended dish is, when a certain item is sold out by, what time a special pricing is offered, and more. You can even view popular keywords to see what’s buzzing. By following Travelzoo, tips will also tell you when there’s a Travelzoo deal running.

Save it for later!

One of the things that I love about Foursquare is that when you come across a place you like, you can save it as a reminder for later. Add it to your “My Saved Places” list and go back any time to see what you want to check off your list. You can also create new lists to add your saved places to, making this a great tool for trip-planning.

Find lists

Looking for parks with Wi-Fi during an afternoon rest stop? Trying to find a classic New York pizza joint? Or are you browsing for discounted museum admissions in NYC? This is where lists come in handy! Follow your trusted brands to find their compiled lists of recommendations. You can also save these lists and view them on map mode so that at any time you need to pull them up, you can see which is near you.

Personalize your search experience

This could be something you do prior to your trip. By adding “tastes” to your account, Foursquare will personalize your search results to recommend places you’ll like based on your “tastes.” If “scenic views” is among your “tastes,” a quick search for cocktails may give you results of rooftop bars.

And by following people, Foursquare will also find places recommended by your trusted friends and brands first.

Allow notifications

Foursquare wants to let you know when one of your saved places is nearby, or simply that you’re near something great. If you’re up for recommendations or a spontaneous detour, turn on this feature under Settings.

See what’s trending

If you’re in a major city, your homescreen will display the “Trending This Week” list. Foursquare says it’s a “Billboards-style list that keeps up with millions of phones to chart the best new places to eat and drink right now.” Browse through to find what’s currently trending, and by leaving tips, ratings and liking new restaurants, you can influence this list.

So the next time you’re traveling, don’t forget to utilize Foursquare as a travel tool. And be sure to follow Travelzoo to get the best deals on the best places.

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