Trouble Booking a Flight? Turn to Twitter for Help

Sep 22, 2015
When we go on our coveted Travelzoo Experiences, we come back with first-hand knowledge and great tips to share with our family, friends and Travelzoo members about amazing destinations around the globe. Our blog posts usually are stacked with our favorite eats, hidden city secrets and all around best deals in the city. Well, ladies and gentlemen, this is not one of those posts....

Remember that big 72-hour Southwest sale in June with those great domestic fares starting at $49 each way?

When I went to book my flight on Southwest’s website, I kept getting an error message on their website saying the servers were too busy. Over and over I tried to rebook and the same error kept popping up. I decided to give Southwest’s IT team a break and check back the following days.

Due to these technical issues, Southwest extended the sale. Desperate for an up-to-date status on the issue, I turned my attention to Southwest’s Twitter account. Hours of refreshing the page later, a light bulb went on and I decided to tweet @southwest. Within an hour, I got a reply from Southwest’s social media team.

I was thrilled by the prompt reply. @Southwest started following me so I could send them a private direct message (DM) with all the details of my flight, including the sale price I was initially quoted two days ago at this point.

Within hours of tweeting, Southwest’s social media team had booked me a flight at the advertised sale price. Amid a multitude of technical issues, going through Twitter was a seamless process for me, the customer, and made me feel truly valued by this airline. I’m sure Southwest was getting millions of tweets from fliers with the same issues, and the social media team really stepped up to help customers book their best and biggest sale of the year.

The service I received from this experience really impacted how I view Southwest as a brand that is loyal to me as much as I am loyal to it. Plus, my trip to Denver was awesome months before it even started.

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