Travel Booking 101: What To Know

Jan 16, 2017
If there’s anything you learn as a Test Booking Center manager, it’s that nobody reads anything. Break the mold by reading all the painstaking details provided by our deal experts and checking out the landing page (the page you land on after clicking “Book Now”).

Here’s what to pay attention to before you start the booking process:

Terms and conditions

If the deal has additional fees or a minimum length of stay required, you’ll find that info in the terms and conditions. Typically, Travelzoo lists prices per person, based on two people traveling.

Included dates

A deal is probably not going to be available for any old day you’d like to go, especially if the price is really hot (think $439 per person for a trip to Milan with flights and hotel). Bargains like that are restricted to certain dates, and if that date doesn’t work for you, there’s usually the option to pay more for a time frame that does.

Available departure cities

Similarly, for an air-inclusive vacation, it matters where you’re coming from. New Yorkers can’t usually expect to pay the same as San Franciscans for a trip to Hawaii.

Cheapest days to fly

In general, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays are most likely to have the lowest prices, especially for domestic airfare. This is a helpful starting point when a sale is available “select days” over a span of several months.

Promo codes

Sometimes, prices will initially appear higher on the landing page than they will be at billing because there’s a promo code to get the discount. Choose from the dates with the lowest prices, even if those prices don’t match what you’re supposed to see. The code will either be listed on the Travelzoo page or the company’s landing page (or both), and sometimes we’ll even tell you where to apply it if we couldn’t easily find that when testing. Note: If you haven’t seen the promo price yet and are about to confirm your purchase, stop! When you’re using a promo code, the price will change sometime before your credit card is charged.

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