Terry Fator: An Interview with a Vegas Favorite

Nov 5, 2015
Las Vegas is one of Travelzoo's most-searched-for destinations, and the city's big names in entertainment are a huge part of its appeal. We sat down with singer, comedian and celebrity impressionist Terry Fator -- whose show at The Mirage Hotel & Casino has long been a favorite of Travelzoo members -- to learn more about his time on The Strip.

TZ: "America’s Got Talent" acts have a huge presence on The Strip these days. As a past winner yourself, how has the show impacted your career?

Terry Fator: Let’s just say that if I hadn’t won, right now I’d be the most talented singing ventriloquist pumping gas in Corsicana, Texas. The truth is that everywhere I go, to this day, people mention me winning "AGT." And I never get tired of hearing them share with me how they and their family voted for me. It’s why every night I want to give every fan the best show they have ever seen.

TZ: You’ve been performing in Vegas regularly since 2007 -- have you seen any trends in entertainment in the area over the years?

Fator: You mean besides me staying the same age and everyone else getting older? I think the biggest trend is that after the recession of 2008, people got much more budget-conscious. When they are spending their hard-earned dollars on a vacation to Vegas and a show, they want to make sure they are getting real value. That’s just another reason I want to make sure that when the fans leave my show, they have a memory that will last them a lifetime.

TZ: You’re always adding new characters to the show -- are there any new performers you’re loving and would love to do an impression of down the line?

Fator: I’m a big fan of Adele and do her version of "Skyfall"...and now with her new songs coming out I’m sure I’ll want to add one of those to the show. And Bruno Mars is amazing -- my character Julius does a really good version of "Uptown Funk."

TZ: What do you for fun in Vegas?

Fator: I recently got married, and not only is my wife, Angie, beautiful and my soulmate, but she’s as big a fan of movies as I am. Plus, she's a great cook and I love to eat, so dinner and a movie at home is my idea of fun seven nights a week. And going up to Mt. Charleston for a romantic picnic with her is something we like to do every few weeks.

TZ: Beside your own, what shows do you recommend to your out-of-town guests?

Fator: I always tell them to go to any of these three types of shows: a superstar like Celine or Elton or Rod Stewart; a magic show like Penn and Teller; and a Cirque du Soleil show or "ShowStoppers." And for comedy, Carrot Top or any of the stars who are at the Mirage’s Aces of Comedy in my theater on weekends will certainly tickle your funny bone.
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