My Slice of Palm Springs Heaven: Two Bunch Palms Resort

Oct 21, 2015
Between the oppressive 100-degree heat in the summer and the Vegas-like party scene, I never saw Palm Springs and its surrounding resort areas as a satisfactory getaway option from Los Angeles. But I did a 180 when I experienced a deal we released for Two Bunch Palms Resort in Desert Hot Springs, Calif.

Located 12 miles north of Downtown Palm Springs, Desert Hot Springs, as its name suggests, is known for its many mineral spring resorts. I was immediately intrigued by this line in our deal – “peaceful, palm-shaded grounds and hot springs pools.” After one night at Two Bunch Palms, I became a believer.

Oh, Two Bunch, how I love thee -- let me count the ways ... and now share them with you. Stays through January now start at $199 per night, a savings of 35%.

Hot springs that aren’t scalding hot: My husband is particularly fond of hot springs (he’s a self-declared “spa guy”). However the notion of a 99-degree pool on a 100-degree summer day just didn’t immediately sound appealing. The brilliance of The Grotto though – the resort’s main shaded hot springs pool – is that 99 degrees is actually comfortable enough to float in for two hours straight, which is exactly what we did! 99 degree is just a smidge above normal body temperature, so it actually just felt like a warm pool, just with the benefits of mineral water. Not to mention, throughout the pool there were colorful noodles floating about – a common scene was people who tucked noodles under their arms and legs and would just be laying on top of the water. An incredible scene of relaxation.

The Grotto is open 22 hours a day! What?! You mean we can go to dinner and then come back and soak more, until 6 a.m. if we really wanted to? That’s right, the resort only closes the Grotto between 6-8 a.m. for maintenance. Otherwise soak to your heart’s delight.

No kids, no booze, no techno: Two Bunch is an adults-only wellness resort. That means no screaming kids and no umbrella drinks by the pool. And did I mention the resort enforces a whisper policy? Sound Draconian? I would argue that for a one-night getaway, it immediately put us in the mood to relax.

Healthy restaurant on site: The deal we booked came with a $50 resort credit that we used toward breakfast the next day. $50 got us two coffees, two smoothies and two entrees that were prepared with farm-fresh ingredients.

Unlimited wellness classes: We didn’t take advantage of the classes, but guests can partake in Tai Chi, yoga and health classes during their stay. There just wasn’t enough time for us to participate, especially since we spent all of our time at the Grotto!

For a one-night getaway, Two Bunch offered me, by far, the most relaxing overnight experience in my life. Highly recommend it. I just can’t wait for it to come out again!

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