Travelzoo Sends 3 People Overseas for the First Time

Aug 7, 2018

We all know someone who wants to see the world but has things standing in the way, like fear of the unknown, lack of money or free time. In hopes of inspiring others to book their first trip, Travelzoo is thrilled to announce our new series, the See the World Project, celebrating the myriad ways international travel impacts a person’s life. We’re featuring stories of three people getting their passports for the first time and traveling to top destinations around the globe -- from the gardens of Tokyo to the lush landscapes of New Zealand to castles in Ireland.

To make this happen, we partnered with some of our favorite travelers to nominate someone special in their life who would most benefit from seeing the world:

A Mom’s Dream

After receiving his passport just over a year ago and already traveling to more than 20 countries, Nainoa Langer immediately thought of his mother as his top choice to see the world. Her trip to New Zealand included many firsts, like seeing snow and riding a train!

Special thanks to our trip partner TripMasters.  

From Airport to Adventure

Globetrotting couple Getting Stamped traveled to Ireland with their lifelong friend Steve, where he took in the local culture like a native. Working in airports for many years, Steve had never been out of the country but had a strong desire to travel.

Special thanks to our trip partner Great Value Vacations.  

BFFs across the Globe

Andy To selected his childhood best friend Andrew for the adventure as it would be his first time traveling outside of their home state. Together they explored Japan’s famous landmarks and hidden gems, including visiting Tokyo and the Osaka Castle Garden.

Special thanks to our trip partner Stunning Tours.  

A survey we conducted reinforced that the personal and professional benefits of travel are undeniable and far-reaching:

58% of respondents said they were more likely to try new things after returning from a trip.

70% reported a deeper understanding and ability to relate to people of different ethnicities and backgrounds after traveling abroad.

60% stated that traveling helps them better cope with day-to-day change and not sweat the small stuff.

70% felt that travel provides them a source of relief and inspiration, and that trips leave them feeling creatively recharged.

And if you haven’t gotten a passport yet? Do it now.

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