Relive Your Childhood Dreams in These Treehouse Hotels

Jul 7, 2015
One of our favorite types of hotels is the type that allows guests to channel their inner child: treehouses. Forget haphazardly throw-together backyard treehouses, and usher in the golden era of treehouse construction!

These hotels offer guests across the world a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sleep among the trees. There’s no better way to experience forests from Washington to the Amazon.

Lion Sands Game Reserve (Sabi Sand Game Reserve, South Africa)

Photo courtesy of Lion Sands Game Reserve
Photo courtesy of Lion Sands Game Reserve

File this one under “paradise” in the dictionary. We can’t think of any better way to experience the natural beauty of South Africa than from these treehouses.

Treehotel (Harads, Sweden)

Photo courtesy of Peter Lundstrom, WDO -

This hotel offers a variety of whimsical treehouse options, including “Mirrorcube,” “The UFO,” and “The Bird’s Nest” (pictured) designed by some of Sweden’s top architects. BRB, booking at ticket to Sweden.

Treehouse Lodge (Iquitos, Peru)

Make friends with monkeys from this Peru treehouse perched in the Amazon rain forest.

The Treehouse at Harptree Court (Bath, England)

Photo courtesy of Canopy & Stars

Private, gorgeous and home-y, this “en suite hotel room in the treetops” features a copper bathtub, veranda, double bed, kitchen, spacious living area, wood-burner and more.

andBeyond Lake Manyara Tree Lodge (Lake Manyara National Park, Tanzania)

Photo courtesy of

Does it get any better than relaxing in this tree top luxury resort in Tanzania? Only relaxing here after spending the day expoloring the game drives and lakeshores of Lake Manyara National Park.

Cabanes als Arbres (Catalonia, Spain)

Photo courtesy of Cabanes als Arbes

Nestled in the trees of northeast Catalona (in the country of La Salva), these treehouses provide guests a unique European adventure.

Treetops Treehouse (Chumleigh, England)

Photo courtesy of Canopy & Stars

Treetops Treehouse is essentially a treehouse version of a mansion. Think you need to give up space and amenities to stay up high? Think again – this property has two stories and everything you would find in a house on the ground.

Free Spirit Spheres (Vancouver Island, Canada)

Photo courtesy of Tom Chudleigh

These “suspended spherical treehouses” are the stuff dreams are made of. Sleep in the trees of this coastal forest, and experience the natural beauty of Vancouver Island up close and personal.

Bangkok Tree House (Bangkok, Thailand)

Inspired by Henry David Thoreau’s Walden, this eco-friendly resort offers an oasis among the bustle of Bangkok.

Ariau Amazon Towers (Manaus, Brazil)

Photo courtesy of Ariau Amazon Towers

The best way to experience the Amazon River and Rainforest? From this eco-friendly, treetop resort.

Monbazillac Treehouse (Bergerac, France)

Photo courtesy of Canopy & Stars

Surrounded by the French countryside of Dordogne, this treehouse overlooks some of the most gorgeous landscapes of France.

TreeHouse Point (Issaquah, Wash.)

Photo courtesy of Adam Crowley Images

If you’re chasing the treehouses of your childhood, the unique “rooms” of TreeHouse Point make this hotel a must-see destination.

Cabanes de Salagnac (Limousin, France)

Photo courtesy of Canopy & Stars

If you’re looking for something a little swankier, look no further than this treehouse in France. Clean lines and gorgeous decor really make this a fully functional house built among the trees.

Which of these treehouse hotels spark your inner childhood wonder?

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