You Need to See This Brand-New Ski Resort Made of Shipping Containers

Dec 5, 2017
Skiers in Georgia’s (the country, not the state) Caucasus Mountains are trading cozy chalets for repurposed shipping containers. That’s right, the Quadrum Ski & Yoga Resort is a new boutique hotel that’s built almost entirely from shipping containers, and it’s not to be believed.

Minimal Design, Maximum Views

Sitting at an elevation of 7,200 feet in Georgia’s Caucasus Mountains, the Quadrum Ski &Yoga Resort is a lesson in creative reuse meets alpine retreat. Opened in February 2017, the five-level hotel is made up of repurposed container units stacked on top of one another.

Together, the wood-paneled containers look like they’re cascading down the hillside, but don’t worry -- they’re perfectly sturdy with support at the bottom from steel poles.

Appealing Accommodations

The design of the hotel combines the best of both worlds. The sleek hotel interior compliments the modern design of the outside while still evoking an air of hominess.

The ultimnate selling point: The mountainside views are spectacular no matter what type of accommodation you’ve booked. And every option comes with a terrace!

However, we definitely love the deluxe suite. It’s got two separate rooms, three terraces (yes, three!) and a private Jacuzzi. Other room choices include single and double standards and a family suite that can cater to five guests with two separate living spaces.

Economical Skiing

The Caucasus Mountains might not have the reputation of the Alps, but they offer untouched terrain for the fraction of the cost of most ski destinations. In fact, you can rent a chopper to heli-ski for half the price in Switzerland. The closest ski lift is a five-minute walk from the hotel; guests can also take advantage of the hotel’s ski depot.

Plans for the Future

Quadrum isn't done yet. It plans to build an on-site addition that will house a swimming pool, yoga studio, sauna and restaurant; more rooms will be also added. The hotel will be shutting down from April through December of next year to get the job done.

Michele Herrmann is a freelance travel/lifestyles writer and editor who got over her fears and picky eating habits to immerse herself in destinations as far as Fiji, to date.

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