Our Top Tips for Making Your Mother-Daughter Trip a Success

May 1, 2017
After seeing the new movie “Snatched” with comedic dream team Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer and their comical misfortune, I thought about my first trip with my mom -- and our key takeaways for when we plan our next vacation together.

If you have a mother-daughter trip on the horizon, I recommend following some of these top tips for both moms and daughters to ensure an unforgettable bonding experience – and by unforgettable, I don’t mean getting abducted like Hawn and Schumer.

Or if you rather a mother-daughter movie date instead, you can be entered for a chance win a trip for two to the Four Seasons Resort Oahu in Ko Olina, Hawaii -- where they filmed the movie -- when you purchase a ticket to see Snatched by May 24, 2017. See here for Official Rules and how to enter without making a purchase.

For moms (as recommended by my mom):

1. One cook in the kitchen is easier than two, so choose who takes the planning lead. Just make sure to loop in the other during the process, especially to sign off on the physical fitness requirements.

2. Compromise -- keep in mind you both have particular interests, so make time to check off each other’s must- dos. You may even discover a newfound mutual interest.

3. Pack efficiently by sharing the necessaries list. More suitcase room means more space for souvenirs, and moms and daughters make great shopping partners as well as travel buddies.

4. Make sure you give her down time to relax – perfect for exploring on your own.

5. Enjoy each other. Spend quality time together. Engage in deep conversations that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

For daughters (as recommended by me):

1. Despite being on vacation, moms never take off from mom-mode. I suggest opting for a hotel rather than an Airbnb if making your bed will be a point of contention.

2. Moms want to capture every moment on camera, so to make things easier, purchase a selfie stick -- that way, you aren’t always relying on strangers to be your photographer.

3. Let's face it, no matter how old you are, mothers will always worry, especially when visiting an unfamiliar place. Research the best areas that are safe, centrally located and near public transportation.

4. If your mom is new to social media, like mine, take it upon yourself to introduce her to Instagram and guide her through the dos/don'ts. It was a fun way to bond and gave us an excuse to scroll through the day’s photos together.

5. Remember: You’re on vacation, and there's no shame in knocking back a few cocktails together and connecting over girl-talk. Your mom can be a friend, too.

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