How to Make the Most of National Plan for Vacation Day

Jan 25, 2022

Get ready for plenty of travel inspiration ... and deals!

National Plan for Vacation Day makes a comeback this year on January 25, encouraging Americans to carve out time during the day to look at the 2022 calendar and lock in their vacation days for the year. It's more important than you might think: only 25% of Americans used all their paid time off in 2021, and most of us left an average of 4.6 paid days off on the table, according to the latest survey by our friends at the U.S. Travel Association.

They also found:

  • 68% of Americans feel somewhat burned out and 13% feel extremely burned out (so vacation is calling!)
  • 79% of Americans believe vacations are important to their overall well-being and health
  • 91% say they would use their time off to travel
  • 61% plan to make travel a top budget priority in 2022, and
  • 59% of American agree that travel now is more important than ever

Travelzoo's own insights, from our latest member survey, demonstrate plenty of appetite for travel and offer plenty of clues as to where we're headed:

  • Travel outside our comfort zones is up: 92% of Travelzoo member plan to visit a new destination in 2022 and 2023, while 63% say they want to go somewhere different or new, rather than familiar
  • Most popular destinations: 56% are off the beach, 43% are planning a road trip and 36% are eyeing a big city getaway
  • Domestic travel remains popular: 82% plan to take at least one trip in 2022 while 56% are ready for three or more, with Florida, California and Hawaii coming in as the top places to go
  • International travel interest continues to grow: 60% of Travelzoo members plan to go abroad at least once this year, while 29% expect to cross the border at least twice, with the Caribbean, Italy and Mexico nabbing the top three destination spots

When and how we book our travel are being driven these days by our own comfort levels around COVID, by changing regulations and by that all-important value quotient. When you're ready, and to help you maximize your #planforvacation activity, here are a few insights and tips from our in-house Travelzoo experts:

  • The time to book is now: the industry expects to see a surge in travel demand as early as February, so right now presents a unique window of opportunity to benefit from better availability and lower prices at your favorite destination
  • Airfare will climb: new airline industry projections show fares will climb each month this year, reaching 2019 pre-COVID levels by April, so look for (and jump on) big air sales now
  • Beaches will be hot: the time to plan your tropical vacation for spring break and summer is now
  • Overseas and big cities will be a bargain: the industry expects international trips to rebound to pre-COVID levels in 2024, so those comfortable with going abroad now will find big bargains, while those who love big cities will find plenty of value, especially on weekends
  • Flexibility will make you impulsive: concerns around evolving COVID rules will lead a lot of us to book more last-minute, but the good news is that consumer-friendly rules around cancelations and refunds will remain in place

Travelzoo travel experts around the globe work every day with thousands of companies to vet and negotiate exclusive deals for our members, so be sure to check the Travelzoo website often and to make time each Wednesday to scour the Top 20. Not a Travelzoo member yet? It’s free to sign up at

Happy National Plan for Vacation Day, and safe travels!

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